Sunday 10 February 2013

Update - Whitelist Still In Place

It's time for a weekly update so here goes...

Here's an update on how our to-do list stands:

Build new spawn area, including End & Nether portals - complete.

Build protected Nether gate, Nether side -  complete.

Build protected End entrance, End side - complete.

Test new plugins and related commands - complete.

Test permissions and new rank system - complete.

Build first four "challenge" locations - 3 / 4 complete (ETA 4-7 days).

Get new management & backup interface up and running - waiting on host (ETA 7-14 days).

Basically we are mainly waiting on our hosting company now, they have been moving data centres though so some delay is to be expected but I have been told that the changes will be implemented before the end of the month and most likely in the next 14 days.

I'll post updates as soon as we make progress on the remaining tasks!