Monday 21 April 2014

Building Challenge Winners

The winners are... 

1st Place - joeygerace
2nd Place - Criminal4ever & fam_mou
3rd Place - rensdertje

As two players got the same score they've ended up with joint 2nd place, we have decided that they will both get the full 2nd place prize and the 3rd place prize will still be given as well!

Congratulations guys!

We will get your prizes to you asap :)

I thought you might also like to know:

Most voted for by staff judges: fam_mou
Most voted for by player judges: fam_mou
Most voted for in poll: rensdertje

If you didn't win then better luck next time and thanks for taking part!

1st Place...

2nd Place...

3rd Place...

Building Challenge - 3 Hours To Vote!

There is just 3 hours left to vote... or change your vote and it's very close!

Remember the poll will close at 7pm (UK) and the winners will be announced by 8pm once the poll results have been combined with the judges scores to get the final result, winners may claim their prize at any time after the results have been announced.

Also as the Premium Booster Pack is no longer available here's a reminder of what those prizes actually include:

$20,000 in game money (Shards)
64 x Industrial Diamonds
64 x UU-Matter
16 x Scrap Boxes

Good luck all!

Downtime Rescheduled

I've taken the server down to perform the maintenance originally scheduled for tomorrow.

The Mojang servers had been up and down for a while so as players couldn't join anyway I figured I may as well just do it and avoid having a downtime tomorrow!
  1. Full backup/clone - Done.
  2. Log data clean up - Done.

Started: 14:00 (UK)
Est Finish: 15:45 (UK)

The maintenance is complete and the server is now back up!