Thursday 14 March 2013

CoreProtect 2 Added To Server

I've added the latest version of CoreProtect 2 to the server this morning as the issues I was having with version Coreprotect 1.x clashing with other plugins have been fixed :)

It has increased memory usage per player but this shouldn't be enough to cause noticeable lag, even when the server is full, due to the daily restart & backup clearing the memory every 24 hours.

This will allow Admins & Moderators to better tackle griefers  but I would ask that players continue to 'do their bit' by protecting themselves with Protection Stones and Lockette to help keep incidents to a minimum.

I've also enabled three additional flags for both WorldGuard and Protection Stone regions as follows:

use - Prevents players using doors, levers, buttons etc in your region unless you give them permission.

chest-access - Prevents players opening chests in your region unless you give them permission.

entry - Prevents players from entering your region unless you give them permission.

See the World Commands page for further details of how to use these flags: