Wednesday 28 August 2013

New Commands added for all players

Some of you already noticed you could do this but it is now officially included on the commands page, now available to all ranks:

 /region list

This displays a list of all regions that you either own or are a member of, if you own it a '+' will be shown next to it (on the left), if you are only a member then a '-' will be shown next to it (on the left).
Protection Stones are named after their coordinates, e.g. the stone for a region with the name ps173x-76y1514z could be found at X:173 Y:-76 Z:1514.

/region info

This displays information about the protected area you are in, but only if you are either it's owner or added as a member.
This information includes the regions name, coordinates of the protected area and a list of owners & members.