Tuesday 9 July 2013

VIP Renewals & Introducing VIP Island

VIP renewal donations open tomorrow, this gives existing VIPs the chance to renew early and guarantee they can keep their VIP status & region for another 3 months.

If you are entitled to a discounted VIP donation amount, as explained here...
...then your adjusted donation link will be sent to the e-mail address used for your previous donation tomorrow, the discounted donation amounts apply until general donations open on the 18th July.

If you do not renew your VIP status before all 12 VIP slots have been filled then you will loose your VIP status and region so please make sure you donate on time if you wish to continue being a VIP! However existing VIPs that choose not to renew but have time remaining under the old VIP donation scheme will keep their status and region until their original 3 month period expires!

Introducing VIP Island...

The recent poll has convinced us that for the time being we should remain a Tekkit Classic server, but as I'm sure you all know maps have a habit of corrupting after prolonged periods of heavy use so chances are that some point we'll need to reset the map, VIP Island gives VIP players the chance to put some of their in game wealth into safe keeping 'just in case'!

The island is in it's own little 100x100 world and consists of 12 chalet apartments, one of which will be assigned to each of this quarters VIPs, you will not have build permission but it will be locked for you when you are assigned a chalet number.


Each chalet contains 2 large chests (108 slots in total), an RM furnace (can be used as an additional 27 slots) and an Automatic Crafting Table (can be used as an additional 9 slots), which gives you up to 144  storage slots. A bed is also included so you can easily set a home there.

VIP Island also has mob spawning and weather turned off for your convenience and the world is only accessible to VIPs, Helpers, Moderators & Admins minimizing the risk of griefing or theft attempts. Other facilities may be added to the island in future!

VIP donations for players who are not already VIPs will open on July 18th