Sunday 24 March 2013

PVP Arena

By popular demand we now have a PVP Arena just over the bridge from spawn!

PVP is still disabled everywhere else on the server so those players that are not interested in PVP don't need to worry, nothing changes for you as PVP can only take place within the main floor area of the arena.

I've also put some basic rules up in the arena, the main points being that it is used at a players own risk (we will not replace items lost in the arena) and that players should not interfere with other players battles (if done deliberately this may be considered griefing).

Finally, I have now partly enabled Balkon's Weapon Mod. Although it's throwing & shooting weapons are still disabled (they can bypass region level PVP settings) the following items can now be crafted and used:

Knives, Battleaxes, Halberds & Flails.

Thanks to DigginChickin, braycore & Go_Magic2 for their help in designing and building the arena!