Sunday 29 September 2013

Spleef & PvP Arena

These have been updated to use the minigames plugin as well so:

PVP Arena - This is now a 2-4 player last man standing style deathmatch.

Spleef - This is now a 2-4 player game, with automatic floor replacement.


The PvP Village Is Back!

We had a few requests to bring back the PvP Village on Spawn Island so we're pleased to announce that as of today it has returned!

This time around though it's a lot fairer as it's controlled by a plugin...

The instructions are at the entrance and you'll be given Bronze Armour, a Bronze Sword, A Bow and 32 Arrows when the game starts...

The minigame supports 2-10 players, all of which spawn at different locations around the village, a bet is required is join the game and can be an Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot or Diamond, all players must match the bet made before them and the winner takes all the bets plus a bonus! 

For anyone wondering, that's MrJohn117 and someone else we haven't been able to identify in the images!

The PvP & Spleef Arenas will be closing temporarily very soon (one at a time) so that I can modify them and set up the plugin to manage those as well, it also means that the spleef floor will finally regenerate automatically!


New Player Portal Open!

The black player portal has now been approved and set up for redkid1 & Benzi_Auzzie!

The portal is a trade hub with various goods for sale etc, it is open to players of all ranks.

Almost A Millionaire!

We don't know who got this on the slots (it was found like it), but whoever it was nearly became the first millionaire on the server...

If you do manage to get the $1 Million Jackpot then please take a screenshot and send it to us!