Saturday 31 December 2016

Half Price VIP - Last Chance!

Just a reminder that time is running out to get the VIP upgrade for only £6!

**** Half Price VIP Until Midnight Tonight! ****
The minimum donation will never go this low again, what are you waiting for!

A big thank you to all those who've donated already, it really is appreciated!

Friday 30 December 2016

Jobs Have Arrived!

Jobs are now available on the server!

All jobs are available to players of Resident rank or above.

The available jobs (11 in total) are:

Woodcutter - Miner - Baker - Digger - Farmer - Hunter
Crafter - Fisherman - Weaponsmith - Brewer - Enchanter

Pay for each job has an hourly limit of $90 to start with, however they each have 32 levels you can progress through to gradually increase your limits to $152 per hour!

Things you'll want to know:
  • You can only join one job at a time.
  • If you leave a job only your current level will be saved, not progress towards the next one.
  • As well as money you'll gain points, which can be spent in the jobs shop.
  • Even after you hit the money limit you continue gaining experience towards the next level, the limit for that is around 4 times higher than for money or points.
  • Jobs have completely replaced the time based hourly payout, with possible hourly earnings now around 20-25% higher than before (plus rewards!). 

Note: To prevent cheating jobs that involve breaking blocks have penalties for placing them. 

For example: A Woodcutter getting 5 points/xp/$ per log broken will get -5 for placing logs while that job is active.


Down For Maintenance

The server is down to carry out the following maintenance:
  • Take full server backup.
  • Make & test changes relating to new Jobs plugin.
This is expected to take 1 hour, I'll update here as always.

Note: The server will be up but whitelisted for some of this time.

Update - 10:59: The server is back up and the whitelist has been removed!

Thursday 29 December 2016

Scheduled Downtime

The server will be down tomorrow as follows;

Estimated downtime: 10 am to 11 am (UK)

(Time shown is approximate only as it's a busy time of year when people randomly drop by!)

This is to carry out the following maintenance:
  • Take full server backup.
  • Make & test changes relating to new Jobs plugin.
I'll update here as always.

Wednesday 28 December 2016

MC 1.11.2 & Tweaks

We're currently waiting for Spigot to fix a couple of issues with 1.11.2, as soon as that's done they'll make it the recommended build and I'll do some testing. All being well I'll update the server within a few days of starting testing. Basically, it's coming soon!

You've probably noticed I've made a lot of tweaks over the past few days, which has obviously led to me being afk a lot while I'm doing server stuff. As a general rule if I'm in vanish and not showing on /list I'm probably afk. It's been great to get the chance to chat/play a lot more though and once things settle down in the new year I'll be able to chat a lot more!

So, the tweaks, here's a basic list of what's been changed over the last day or two:
  • A few bug fixes, mainly relating to kits & ranking up.
  • Fixed a couple of permission issues (including VIP flight).
  • Anti-hack tweaking. Still a work in progress but coming along nicely bar the fast-hack bug. 
  • The shop has been re-balanced (still a work in progress) to make farming etc pay more and fix villager trading effectively being too overpowered (emerald sell prices lowered).
Thanks to everyone that's helped by reporting issues!

Sunday 25 December 2016

Merry Xmas!

Merry Xmas Everyone!

What's that under the tree at spawn? Looks like a kit sign to me!

Have a great day!

Friday 23 December 2016

Xmas Has Arrived Early At Spawn!

The snow golems have arrived at spawn village and gone on a decorating spree!

Keep an eye on chat as random giveaways will be taking place 
from now until midnight on Christmas Day!

What will the prizes be? 

That would be telling, but...

...we kicked off with 8 Legendary Crate Keys
Hidden In The Chests Around Spawn!


P.s. Don't forget that until midnight on New Years Eve
you can get lifetime VIP half price, that's just £6! 

Wednesday 21 December 2016

Temporary Whitelist

A bug has been found and I'm having trouble pinning it down, unfortunately for now this means I've had to turn the whitelist on, I'll update here with details, sorry for the inconvenience!

Update: 17:45 - The whitelist has been removed, that was one confusing bug!

Update: 18:05 - Apologies to those who still got the whitelist message, that's also fixed!

VIP Available & Half Price Until 2017!

The VIP upgrade is now available, see the VIP page for details!

To celebrate the launch of our new vanilla server we're also offering the best price ever...

**** Half Price VIP Until Midnight 31st Dec! ****
The minimum donation will never go this low again, what are you waiting for!

That's just £6, for lifetime VIP!

Did you donate to the DiggyVerse server within the last 12 months?

Drop me an e-mail, after joining the server at least once, and you'll get VIP here for FREE!


The server is down for maintenance, this should take no more than 30 minutes!

This maintenance includes:
  • Full backup.
  • Update to latest Spigot version.
  • Update 4 x plugins to latest versions.
  • Test updates.
I'll update here when I'm done.

All done, the server is back up!

Tuesday 20 December 2016

Vote Parties Now Running!

In addition to the standard vote rewards I posted about earlier Vote Parties are now up and running!

What's a Vote Party?

Well basically it's an extra way of randomly rewarding players that have voted.

How does it work?

Once a certain number of votes are reached a Vote Party will begin, players who are online and have voted since the previous party will receive $50 and a Rare Crate Key.

But that's not all, each of the players will also get 5 chances to win random prizes, including gold, diamonds and emeralds.

At the end of the party the counter resets and players votes count towards the next one!


You Can Now Vote!

Voting is now up and running on 5 sites, you can vote on each one once every 24 hours.

So what will you get for voting? Here's the details...

  • Every individual vote will earn you $50 and an Uncommon Crate Key.
  • The top 3 voters each week will get a $50 bonus plus a Common (3rd), Uncommon (2nd) or Rare (1st) Crate Key.
  • The top 3 voters each month will get a $100 bonus plus 2 x Common (3rd), 2 x Uncommon (2nd) or 2 x Rare (1st) Crate Key.
  • At milestones including 50, 100, 250, 500 & 1000 total votes you'll also get bonuses, you'll have to wait and see what those are though!

To get a clickable list of vote sites in game just do: /vote


Day One, Bug Busting!

With the voting sites set up we had a fairly high number of new players join yesterday, so a big welcome to the ones that have decided to stick around and help build the community!

The anti-hack plugin turned out to be very sensitive to changes in 1.11 in some unexpected ways so I apologise to those affected. As some of you know I spent a couple of hours trying out different settings and it seems that false-positives are now pretty rare.

Rather than kicking players when a less serious hack is detected they will now receive a message and details will be logged/mailed for staff review.

Anyway, hopefully we can continue to attract new players and now everything's working I can finally join you guys in world and start building!

Sunday 18 December 2016

No More Whitelist, The Server Is Open!

The whitelist has been disabled and the server is now open!

You can connect using wither the vanilla launcher or using our modded client via the Technic launcher, the choice is entirely yours.

I'll be working on getting voting up and running over the next few days which will help with advertising and hopefully help attract new players.

If you find any bugs etc then obviously let me know asap, see you in game soon!

Modded Client 1.0.3 Released

This the the final update before the server whitelist is turned off, feel free to continue making suggestions for more additions though!

This update adds Inventory Tweaks (thanks to madsurfer for reminding me to test this today!) and updates Just Enough Items to the latest release.

Talking about the whitelist... it should be turned off in about an hour!

Thursday 15 December 2016

Open For Player Testing (Temporary Whitelist)

The server is now open for player testing, with the official launch date set for 18th December!

If you'd like to be part of the testing then head on over to Discord for more information and to ask to be added to the whitelist, you'll need to attempt to join first though so we have your UUID.

Testers please note: 
  • Please do not use the "Advanced Trade Stick", we are waiting for an update from the plugin developer as at the moment using it can cause inventory loss.
  • Changes prior to launching may potentially cause testing players to loose progress on mcmmo and timed events. However, balances, inventories & land claims are expected to be kept.

Tuesday 6 December 2016

Coming Soon... Very Soon

Apologies for the delay in getting in the new server open, we'd been waiting for a few fixes for 1.11 and they finally arrived today!

We'll be doing the final testing this week and hopefully officially opening next week, well in time for Christmas! Keep an eye on Discord if you'd like an early testing invite later this week.

You'll start to see extra pages with rank details, command info etc appearing here from today. Please bear in mind though that things may well change during testing, for example if a specific feature has an unexpected problem or if a command doesn't work as intended.

For those that asked, voting will be returning, although this may not be available straight away. Feel free to suggest sites that support Votifier, the more the merrier, as they are a great way to attract new players.

See in you in game soon!

Friday 18 November 2016

DiggyMinecraft Returning Soon!

 It's been almost two years since we closed the Tekkit Classic server and moved to our own custom modpack, DiggyVerse... but DiggyMinecraft is about to return in a new form!

Times have changed and thousands of modpacks are available now with an seemingly endless choice. It was a fantastic experience developing the modpack, I learnt a ton of Java, drastically improved my Gimp/Photoshop skills and ultimately got to create a truly unique modpack that is far beyond what I originally aimed for. I for one will definitely continue playing it in singleplayer, I'd also love to see screenshots of builds etc you guys create with it, so please do send them to me at the usual email address! 

The DiggyVerse modpack will stay around as long as the Technic platform supports MC 1.7.10, hopefully many years to come, and I will continue to support it and provide bug fixes if required.

On to DiggyMinecraft.. 

Over the last few weeks I've been thinking about the future of the server. With so much competition it's difficult to build a decent sized community of regular players, so I've decided to go back to basics.

The server will be kept relatively simple, running the latest vanilla release and using only open source plugins and/or ones that are updated regularly, so we can move to new versions as soon as possible. It will also be as low maintenance as possible so that myself, Diggin etc can actually spend more time playing like we used to. 

We've got some great ideas for the server and are already testing plugins and putting together the ranks, permissions etc. More information will be posted soon!