Monday 30 June 2014

Shop / Stall Rent Changes

We have made a couple of changes to the rent of Shops / Stalls and the way is it collected, based on player feedback:
  • Shop rent has been reduced to $900 / 6 x Industrial Diamonds.
  • Rent Chests - These are now for paying rent in advance or by Industrial Diamonds / Credits only, if no payment is found in the chest when rent is due then rent will be taken directly from the players balance.
The change to rent chests makes things easier for players by making sure they do not loose their shop / stall if they forget to pay their rent and are away on holiday etc, but still gives them the option to pre-pay if they want to. It also makes it easier for staff collecting rent as they will not need to keep a record of who paid and who had to be sent a reminder etc.