Monday 28 April 2014

Staff Chat Tags

Staff chat tags now include a [V] or [D] if they are also a VIP or Donator, this is a manual change I have to do for each player but it's only fair that they should be recognised for helping to fund the server, sorry this took a bit longer to implement than I'd hoped but better late than never!

Modpack Server - Clans

We're working on plugins for the upcoming custom modpack server and we are having a tough time reaching a decision on whether to include a basic clan system, so we are looking for some player feedback.

If we do include a clan system it will be a fairly simple one as a lot of people don't like faction/clan type servers so we want participation to be entirely optional.

Here's a brief guide as to how it would work (bear in mind things may change):

Note: Players can create protected areas as they do now, but also towns/cities capable of having sub-plots which can be rented out to other players, all set up just by placing Protection Stones and a sign or two (more on this soon!).

Players of a certain rank pay in game money to create a clan, then once it's approved by staff they can invite others to join.

Clan leaders can transfer ownership of the clan to another player, or if they stop playing for a set time another player can take over.

Clan members can be either 'trusted' or 'untrusted' or set as a 'leader', giving or taking away certain rights within the clan. 

Whole clans can be added to or removed from protected areas just like a single player.

Clan leaders can add a short (2-4 character) clan tag to their members in game chat tag.

Each clan has it's own chat based bulletin board so 'trusted' members can leave messages for the whole clan.

Clan leaders can set clan home & teleport locations, only visible to and usable by clan members and staff.

Clans can form alliances and rivalries and receive 'points' for killing players of rival clans in minigames or other places where PvP is allowed, allowing clans to compete with each other and keep long term scores, leaderboards can be viewed by all players.

So, what are your thoughts? Let us know by commenting or dropping us an email!