Thursday 17 October 2013

Launcher Bug

There is a serious bug with an auto-update for the Technic launcher which leaves you unable to run Tekkit Classic, if you are currently logged in I suggest you don't disconnect unless you have to.

If you've already received the update (like me) and have this problem then I'm afraid it's just a case of waiting for a fix, it's also worth mentioning that the bug affects Windows, Mac & Linux.

UPDATE: 21:35 - This bug also seems to affect other mod packs for some, it appears the launcher is trying to connect with Vanilla Minecraft instead of the correct modpack.

UPDATE: 22:20 - Still no fix or work-around, I'll be giving up for the night soon :(

UPDATE: 22:40 - Giving up for the night, hope this is fixed by the morning!

VIP Renewal Reminders Sent

I've just sent out a reminder to all VIP players who have not yet renewed, please remember that general donations open this coming Saturday at around midday (UK time) so you'll need to donate by then if you want to guarantee your place.

If you haven't received the email then please check your spam folder and contact if you need it resent.

Thanks again to all the players who have already donated!

VIP Places Remaining: 4 (of 12)