Wednesday 26 March 2014

DigginChickin Now A Moderator!

It was getting frustrating that she couldn't do certain things and had to keep interrupting me so I would do it so DigginChickin is now a Moderator! lol

Seriously though she was doing a great job as Helper so I think it is well deserved!


Donation Changes

As of today all packages on BuyCraft have been disabled except for the Free Booster Pack, this is due to a large number of chargebacks in recent weeks, almost 40% of the donations received.

We have had a few people banned today as chargebacks were made on transactions where someone else bought multiple players Donator rank. Tatankore has ensured that all players affected through no fault of their own have been unbanned and returned to Member+ rank.

We had been toying with the idea of moving completely to GroupPay for a while and looking at the figures we decided that this is the best way forward, it does mean we lose the instant delivery offered by BuyCraft but it offers far more security for the server and also gives players the assurance that 100% of donations goes towards hosting costs. 

As per the original plan remaining BuyCraft funds will be left in the account until next year and as originally stated on the Donate page the money will then be split and donated to some of the developers who created the mods and plugins we use.

The new custom GroupPay link ( should be fully functional within the next 24 hours, please see the 'Donate' page of this site for details of the changes.