Tuesday 18 June 2013

Minecraft Login Server Is Down

The Minecraft login server has now been down for 30 minutes, Mojang are investigating, you can check the current status at this website...

UPDATE: 21:00 - Minecraft logins are back to normal!

Player Portals Are Ready!

It took longer than we had thought to get everything configured and tested but player portals are finally ready to be put to use!

Some important info you'll need to know if you want to apply for a Player Portal...

You need to be a minimum of Member+ rank to request a player portal.

There are 16 Player Portals, one for each colour of wool, you may request a specific colour if it still available.

Portal requests should be made to DiggyWig or DigginChickin, we may take a couple of days to decide and ask for feedback from Helpers before making a decision.

Due to the limited number of portals the build quality of the destination should be high and of genuine use to players, either providing some sort of function or just as an impressive place for players to visit and hang out.

Portals are linked to ranks when setup, and can either be set to 'New Builder' (allow everyone) or set to Member, Member+ or VIP to only allow that rank or higher to use the portal.

A portal will need to be built at the destination and will require a space 6 blocks wide, 3 blocks deep and 4 blocks high, the portal will not be modifiable by the destination owner.

Signs with the destination name and minimum rank will be placed on the portal in the hub for you.

Similar rules apply as for a market stall, if the player owning the destination doesn't log in for more than 14 days or the destination becomes unsuitable for any reason then the portal will be closed and made available to other players (let us know if you're going on holiday etc and we'll make sure it doesn't get closed!).