Wednesday 1 February 2017

Shop/Auction Update

I just updated the shop plugin which the developer has patched very quickly for us;
  • Potion Shop is fixed, you can now use it as normal again.
  • Multiple auctions per player is now enabled, players can have up to 4 auctions at a time.
The multiple auction feature was something he added based on my request, which in turn was based on your request so please do make more suggestions as he's very open to ideas!


Bugs & Fixes

I've been working on a few things this morning based on feedback from a few players;
  • The odd Shop Chest permission issue some players experienced is now fixed.
  • Calculation of Job payment amounts have been tweaked to give smoother progression.
  • Calculation of exp hourly limits has been tweaked to make Job Bonus Time more rewarding and allow around 40% more exp to be gained after reaching the money/point limit.
  • Anti-Hack detection tweaked to further help reduce the chance of false positives.
  • More tweaks to Spawn Village and the witches hut.
I've also had to make a temporary change;
  • All potions in the Potion Shop are temporarily only available to buy, due to discovery of a bug which is being investigated by the plugin developer.
Hopefully that last issue will be resolved soon!