Thursday 27 February 2014

Advertising Clampdown

In light of recent events we have decided to clamp down on advertising, particularly when it comes to other Tekkit Classic servers, it's unfortunate that we have to do this but most other servers are stricter than we have been and we have seen a rise in complaints about certain players advertising over the last few months so it seems to the only logical step to take.

As of now advertising another TC server is an instant and permanent ban, without exception, whether this is done in chat, private message or using more underhanded methods.

I have updated the in game rules list to include (Instant Ban) after the no advertising rule.

Wednesday 26 February 2014


Drills will be craftable again after the next server restart, a misplaced semicolon in a mod patch had messed up the crafting recipe!

Monday 24 February 2014

ParkourPro Prize Claimed!

I received an email from drifter397 this morning...

"It took me quite awhile to practice for it, but in the end it all payed off because I finished ParkourPro! Thanks for the extra challenge! Here's the screenshots."


Congratulations! Tatankore has already put the 128 Industrial Diamonds in your inventory as promised!

We were surprised someone managed it so quickly but at least everyone else who is trying knows it is definitely possible with enough practice!

Down For Maintenance

The server is down for maintenance as follows:

  1. Full backup / clone - Done.
  2. Log clean up - Done.

Scheduled Maintenance:

Date: 24th February 2014
Started: 10:05am
Finish 10:45am (UK)

The server is back up!

Sunday 23 February 2014

Scheduled Maintenance

There will be a short maintenance tomorrow morning to take a full backup/clone and clear out out some old logs, this should take no longer than 40 minutes.

Scheduled Maintenance:

Date: 24th February 2014
Est Start: 10:00am
Est Finish 10:40am (UK)

Saturday 22 February 2014

New Minigame - ParkourPro!

We had a few requests for a second and more difficult parkour game in GameWorld so having given it some thought Tatankore came up with ParkourPro, a vertical parkour course based in a giant tree which will hopefully prove a challenge for even the most experienced player!

Like with most of the other games a viewing / spectating area has also been added!

Update: The first player to submit a screenshot of themselves at the finish will receive 128 Industrial Diamonds from Tatankore!


Friday 14 February 2014

VIP Slots Available!

The remaining VIP slots are now available to all players!

For full details on what VIP includes please see this page...

If you would like a VIP slot then you need to do the following:
  1. Email admin@diggyminecraft, remembering to include your player name.
  2. Wait for a reply confirming availability!
  3. Follow the simple instructions in your reply.
Places can go fast so confirming availability is essential, don't be tempted to use a link that has expired or was provided by someone else as GroupPay payments cannot be refunded and if no VIP slots are available it could put us both in an awkward position, thanks!

Remember 100% of VIP donations goes to our hosting costs, once all 12 slots are filled our hosting is secured until February 2015! 

VIP Places Remaining as of 3pm on 23rd February: 4 out of 12

Tuesday 11 February 2014

VIP Slots

VIP Renewals:

Just a reminder that existing VIPs have until 9 am on 14th February to renew and be guaranteed a slot, that's just 3 days away now so if you need a little more time or know that you will definitely not be renewing then please drop me an email!

Donator To VIP Upgrades:

The free package to reserve a VIP slot for a discounted donation of £15 will be removed from the BuyCraft store at 9 pm on Thursday (13th February) evening, and reserved slots will be held until 9am on Friday (14th February) as with VIP renewals. So if you would to take advantage of the discounted upgrade donation you will need to do it soon!

General Availability:

To keep things fair a couple of slots have been set aside to be made generally available on Friday (14th February), along with any other slots which may still be available. The reserving and allocating of these slots will be done via email.

VIP Places Remaining as of 10pm on 13th February: 5 out of 12

Monday 10 February 2014

Scheduled Downtime

The server is down for scheduled maintenance as follows:
  1. Full backup / clone - Done
  2. Old data cleanup - Done
Scheduled Downtime (UK time):
Date: 10/02/14
Started: 9:00 am
Finished: 9:25 am

Maintenance finished, the server is now back up!

Sunday 9 February 2014

Awesome Fan Art!

Our first piece of fan art was submitted today by niki2008...

I'm sure most of you will recognise a staff member or two!

Awesome work niki :)

Almost A Millionaire!

drifter397 came very close to being the latest jackpot winner on the Super Slot  yesterday!

Will you be the next player to win $1 Million?

Scheduled Downtime

There will be a short scheduled maintenance tomorrow at around 9am, this is just to perform a full backup / clone and clear out some old data, it will take no longer than 30-40 minutes.

Scheduled Downtime (UK time):
Date: 10/02/14
Est Start: 9:00 am
Est Finish: 9:40 am

Friday 7 February 2014

Custom BuyCraft Theme

I finally got around to making a proper custom theme for the BuyCraft store, it's nothing too fancy but I think it's a big improvement over the standard themes and makes it more consistent with the colours used on this site.

You can check it out here...


VIP Renewals & Donator Upgrades

VIP Renewals:

Just a reminder that existing VIPs have 7 days remaining to renew and be guaranteed a slot, if you need the email resent or would like a little more time then please drop me an email!

Donator To VIP Upgrades:

The free package to reserve a VIP slot for a discounted donation of £15 (normal VIP donation minus £5 for buying Donator before 1st February 2014)  is now available in the BuyCraft store!

The package can be purchased once per player and by a maximum of 6 players for now, 4 VIP slots are available immediately, after these are allocated any other players who purchase the package will be put on a waiting list and notified if/when a slot becomes available.

VIP Places Remaining as of 1 pm on 10th February: 5 out of 12

Thursday 6 February 2014

Donator to VIP Upgrades

A free package named...

'Reserve VIP Upgrade Package'

...will appear on the BuyCraft store before 10 am tomorrow morning (UK time), I can confirm that initially at least 4 places will be made available to reserve and that these will be allocated to players on a first come first served basis.

This package can only be purchased by players of Donator rank, remaining VIP places will be made available to players of all ranks from Friday 14th February.

Wednesday 5 February 2014

Casino Slot Changes

Some changes have been made to the Casino Slots, both to add some Industrial Credit prizes and rebalance the Tech Slots a bit, here is a basic list of the changes:

Economy Slot 1: 

Wooden Plank now gives 5 Industrial Credits instead of $50.
Basalt now gives 2 Industrial Credits instead of 100 Exp.

Economy Slot 2:

Basalt now gives 10 Industrial Credits instead of 400 Exp. 

Tech Slot 1:

Copper Block now gives 3 OC Upgrades instead of 2.
Bookcase now gives 3 Scrap Boxes instead of 2.
RF Stone now gives 10 Industrial Credits instead of 1 Industrial Diamond.

Tech Slot 2:

Copper Block now gives 8 OC Upgrades instead of 6.
Bookcase now gives 8 Scrap Boxes instead of 6.


Industrial Credits

I don't think anyone noticed but as they had no purpose I removed the crafting recipe for Industrial Credits quite some time ago, with the Trade signs being disabled I think this gives us the perfect use for them... a smaller value item for trades!

So as of now Industrial credits can be traded at the Admin Shops currency exchange and have a value of $10, so 15 Industrial Credits are worth 1 Industrial Diamond. 

This will making trading in trade-o-mats a lot more flexible and make selling smaller numbers of low value items possible.

In hindsight maybe $100 would have been a better value for the Industrial Diamond but it would be unfair on players storing money in the vault to change the value now so they will be staying the same at least until we have a map reset and everyone stands to lose the same percentage of their money (we will probably vote on it when the time comes).

Industrial Credit prizes will also be added to some of the Casino Slots very soon!


[Trade] Signs Disabled

I am sorry to say that I have had to disable [Trade] signs with immediate effect after a serious and unfixable dupe involving them was brought to my attention.

[Buy] & [Sell] signs are unaffected by this and will continue to be used in the admin shops.

I realise it's less convenient but shops wanting to trade for money will have to use it in it's item form, and trade Industrial Diamonds via trade-o-mats instead.

Myself and niki2008 have been through all the stores at spawn and removed the signs, money and/or items belonging to shop renters have been put in chests in the shops or added directly to your balance, we have made sure that no-one loses out by rounding items up to whole stacks in many cases.

Apologies for any inconvenience this causes but if we had not acted quickly then the entire server economy could have been undermined.

Shops outside of spawn:

If you have a shop/mall outside of the spawn area which has [trade] signs then do not destroy them as you will lose any items/money they contain, instead open a modreq so that myself or Tatankore can get your items and / or money back for you. 

Once the sign is destroyed we cannot return the items and / or money.

Tuesday 4 February 2014

Server Back Up

Our hosting company had to take several servers down last night just before 10pm due to another large scale DDoS attack against it's voice servers, although it was technically resolved by around 1-2am they decided to leave the servers to be manually started in case of more issues.

As everything seems fine now I have started the server back up so you can log in again! 

Monday 3 February 2014

Spectator Areas Added To Minigames

Tatankore has added spectator areas to all GameWorld games except RageMaze!

Warp signs can be found in the main building and all spectator areas have warp signs you can use to return to the main building.

This was added after a suggestion submitted by niki2008.