Saturday 21 December 2013

New Admin

As of now I (DiggyWig) am no longer Admin rank, I now hav a new rank of 'Owner' and will be gradually handing over a lot of the Admin work to the new Admin... Tatankore.

Going forward in February Tatankore will be in charge of the day to day server admin work and handling any issues that cannot be handled by a Helper or Moderator, so that I can concentrate on just bug fixing & updates (and hopefully some building!) in my free time around my studies.

Hopefully everyone will be happy with my choice :)

BuyCraft Packages & Donator Rank Enabled!

BuyCraft is now enabled and the packages are live on our BuyCraft store at:

You can use the /buy command to view a list of packages and get a direct link in game, I've also added a bar representing the Donations target for 2014, assuming everything goes ahead as hoped that's the minimum that needs to be raised by  mid February to pay the annual hosting.

Remember Donator is a lower rank than VIP and that a VIP buying the Donator package would be demoted and loose certain privileges until the situation could be resolved.

Hopefully together with VIP donations in February we'll reach our target, please be aware that no live transaction has been tested yet so please bear with me if any unforeseen issues arise!

DowntimeThis Morning

Sorry about the connection issues over the last 7-8 hours, I made a change a couple of days ago thinking that an issue was fixed and it seems that it isn't, I've undone the change so it's stable again now!