Saturday 2 March 2013

Server back up and running

All the upgrades have been performed and the server is back up and running, though they will be running tests which may affect performance for a short while longer.

Thanks for your patience.

Firewall upgrade in progress

Our hosting company is currently performing the firewall upgrade and has decided to replace some other equipment at the same time to prevent further downtime later, I've been told this could take up to an hour.

It will all be worth it in the long run as these upgrades are aimed making their network more resilient to attacks such as DDoS and other network related issues, so please bear with us.

Downtime - New Firewall

Our hosting company is installing new firewall equipment between now and around 5 pm, the server will likely go down for around 10 minutes and their may be intermittent connection issues between these times.

It seems we chose a bad day to open the server!

On a positive note this should help prevent DDoS attacks against their servers in future.

Quick Update

Just a quick update to say that we have done some retesting and discovered that three player profiles were still corrupt, they have now been reset so if you were having issues logging back in this should now be resolved.

Sorry again for these unforeseen teething problems but we are now confident that everyone's issues are resolved and new players are successfully joining the server.

PayCraft Packages Removed

We have removed all PayCraft packages and repaired the corrupted user entries, for now their is no starter kit but we will give a sword, pickaxe & some food to new players manually for now. Sorry again for the inconvenience.

 To clarify, you will now be moved to the 'Member' rank as soon as you join the server.

PayCraft Bug

It seems some changes were made to the PayCraft website today that are causing issues with the starter kit, we are having to remove it so please bear with us! Talk about bad timing :(

White-list removed!

The white-list has finally been removed, the server is now open publicly... see you there :)

Launching in 30 minutes!

Launch day is here, the white-list will be removed in 30 minutes!

Once you have logged in to the server you will need to visit our PayCraft shop...

...and purchase a free 'Starter Kit', this will give you some free items as well as promote you to a 'Member' and give you the ability to place and break blocks.

As it's our launch day we have added a special version of the starter pack which includes a full set of iron tools (you would usually get stone ones), extra food and extra torches! This 'Launch Edition' pack will only be available until 4 pm today so get it whilst you can!