Wednesday 24 April 2013

Server Switchover

Sorry for the delay in providing more information regarding this but we've been having major issues moving the world across to the new hosting company.

After several days of working with the new hosting company we have been unable to get the world to load without serious corruption, we have tried a number of repair tools but none have worked. The cause of these issues is complicated but seems to stem from our current hosting company using a modified version of minecraft_server.jar in place of the usual tekkit.jar (most likely to allow easier automatic installation of the mods etc). The basic result is that our world will only load correctly using that customised version of the server, which we cannot continue using with our new host.

So basically we have no choice but to start a new world :(

I know many people will be annoyed with this but you have to appreciate that we are all in the same position, for example me and DigginChickin had spent two weeks re-designing and modifying the the four 'Challenges' around spawn which will now never be used.

I do however have some good news, we will not have to completely start from scratch...

Hopefully you have all seen the announcement regarding the deleting of all alchemical bag data tomorrow (9am UK time), this is because I have figured out  a way to allow everyone to move their player inventory (including worn armour) and one alchemical bag over to the new world!

So make sure all your bags are empty for 9am UK time tomorrow (25-04-13) and do not use them again after the backup, this is important as using them may prevent you from being able to transfer a bag to the new world. I will then post instructions tomorrow on what you need to do with the items you want to transfer. 

The official switchover will take place later than planned, on Sunday 28th April, to allow everyone the maximum amount of time to ensure they get to transfer their items to the new world (once the server goes live no more alchemical bag transfers will be possible).

The delayed switchover will also allow more time for me and DigginChickin to finish building a new spawn area, luckily we had been experimenting with ideas on the new server so already have a headstart on this. On another positive note it will also allow us to make some changes to the way things work that in hindsight we would have done differently from the start and will allow a smoother transition to the new plugins.

I'll also be posting some information regarding the new plugins and some exciting new features tomorrow!

Please bear with us and we hope you'll join us in the new world on the 28th!