Sunday 1 December 2013

Crashes & Build Backups

Ok so I'm guessing most people have noticed that the downtimes because of chunk errors have suddenly got a lot more frequent, particularly the ones that shut down the server until I can fix them manually. Please bear with me, we just need to put up with it long enough to transfer over to the new world, time seems to be running out faster than I'd hoped though.

If you are Member or above then please get a room in the The Vault asap if you haven't done so already!

We are now ready to start creating schematics of buildings for players, if you'd like a building moved just place a gold block at opposite corners of what you want copied (think of them as opposite corners of an imaginary box)  and open a Modreq request, or ask a Helper to open one for you.

Tatankore has built an example at Spawn if you're unsure about where to place the gold blocks.

If you need something copied that extends below ground then place the gold block for the bottom corner at ground level and  put a sign on one the blocks telling us how many blocks to expand down from that. 

Please be aware that;
  1. Computer programs are not copied with the computer, however you can back them up to disk, disk contents should copy over successfully if stored in The Vault.
  2. Alloy wire is likely to need replacing after pasting your build into the new world.
  3. Buildings containing mini-blocks cannot be rotated or moved after the initial paste without issues.
  4. Builds containing non-vanilla chests, condensers & filters etc still containing items cannot be rotated or moved after the initial paste due to the possibility of major lag spikes.
  5. Vanilla chest contents will be copied over with the build successfully in most cases, although some Tekkit specific charge data etc may be lost. 
  6. Alchemy bags may transfer, no guarantees but it wouldn't hurt to put less valuable items in them if you don't have anywhere else to put them etc.
  7. There is a possible transfer limit of 1 build (max 71x71, or 101x101 for Member+)  per player if  time becomes more of an issue, so please assume for now that you can only take 1 build or get your request in early if you'd like to transfer more than 1.
  8. The bigger and more complex the build (especially factories) the less chance of successful transfer.
The world switch will happen by 16th December.
But if the chunk issues get any more frequent it could be several days earlier!

I'll post updates here so watch this space!