Saturday 26 October 2013

Don't Forget To Open A Ticket!

With all the changes coming over the next few months, particularly to the way the server is staffed it's important that players make use of the /modreq ticket system rather than using /mail or e-mail for in game support issues, otherwise they are likely to take far longer to deal with.

In particular I get have over 50 /mail messages waiting for me every morning, too many to go through in game so I usually download my data file and read them manually from that once per day, obviously this means that you could be waiting a while for a reply depending on when you send it. Also all e-mail addresses now redirect to me and only me, so again it can take me a while to get through them every day.

Modreq requests can be viewed and dealt with by myself, freaksdesign and a couple of Helpers who can deal with some kinds of issues, all helpers can then update you on who is dealing with your request etc, it's a much easier system for everyone in the long run and if used properly will help us to help you much more efficiently!

Of course /modreq isn't suitable for issues affecting a players ability to connect so in those rare cases or for general feedback, ban appeals etc e-mail is of course still your best option.