Monday 17 June 2013

Main World Border Is Up!

The main world border has been turned on, if we did miss anyone who has a build outside of 8000m then please contact DiggyWig or DigginChickin asap and we'll sort something out for you!

Size Limit For Main World

We have decided on a size limit of 8000m for the main world, one of the players outside of this area is already in the process of moving and signs have been placed on the other two buildings as the players have not been online for a few days.

The border will be put in place tonight (around 9pm UK time) to make sure no more buildings pop up out outside the border region, the players with homes still outside the border can be given temporary permission to bypass the border to collect items from their areas, however this permission resets when the server restarts and will have to be re-requested afterwards.

On Friday at around 9am UK Time all chunks outside of the 8000m boundary will be automatically deleted and items remaining outside this distance will no longer be recoverable!

New chunks within the 8000m boundary will also begin to generate at this time at a rate of 20 chunks per second. As we expect over 70000 chunks to be generated in total this may cause a little lag for around an hour if the server is busy, but will mean that new chunks will never need to be generated again when players explore the world!