Friday 22 November 2013

New Commands

As some of you already know a couple of new commands are now available to you, these are:


Allows you to check how long it's been since you first joined the server, the plugin is only aware of the last 8 days history (since it started logging) so this is the longest playtime anyone will have at the moment. This will also allow NewBuilders to check whether they are eligible for Member rank yet.

/seen <name>

Allows you to check when a player was last online, obviously this is of limited use at the moment but longterm this will enable players to check if buildings are abandoned as long as a lockette sign is present or it is protected.


Scheduled Downtime On Monday

There will be a scheduled downtime on Monday to perform a number of changes as follows:
Full backup / clone.

  1. Apply management interface update.
  2. Full backup/clone.
  3. Disable all portals and set up warps to replace them.
  4. Update spawn to fit with changes.
  5. Replace multi-world plugin and set up permissions.
  6. Remove all old plugin permissions from main permissions file.
  7. Make several config changes.
  8. Fully test relevant changes.
  9. Install and configure new auto-promote plugin (trial).

Warps will all be sign based for now rather than using /warp, but this will not be the case longterm and I'll be bringing in changes to how we use them gradually over the next couple of weeks.

The new auto-promote plugin is obviously impossible to test thoroughly on the test server, it seems to work fine but it's impossible to say without a live trial, so I've decided to set it up on a trial basis, if it doesn't work out I'll remove it but from I managed to test on the test server it looks promising.
Initially it will just be used for time based automatic NewBuilder to Member promotion like we have now, but I hope to enable a couple more features if all goes well. Obviously there may be bugs to work out so if you're a NewBuilder waiting for promotion please bear with us.

Downtime Monday;
Start:    9:00am (UK)
Finish:  11:00-11:30am? (UK)