Tuesday 18 March 2014

Daily Kit Changes

The daily kit has been changed and now gives:

16 x Industrial Credit
1 x Mushroom Stew
1 x Bread


New Helper... DigginChickin

She has already been helping quite a few people on the server so we decided to give her a go at being an official Helper, she does have a little staff experience but is fairly new to Tekkit so go easy on her!

Down For Maintenance

The server is down for scheduled maintenance to do the following:
  1. Full backup/clone - Done.
  2. Remove old backup data - Done.
  3. Remove old log data - Done.
  4. Update management interface - Done.

Scheduled Downtime:

Date: 18th March 2014
Started: 9:30 am
Finished: 10:15 am

Update: My internet is still a little slow, added 15 minutes to the est finish time.
Update: The server is now back up!