Wednesday 18 January 2017

Shop & Other Changes

Based on player feedback I've made several changes, here's the details:

  • Several sell price increases for rarer items.
  • Elytra & Nether Star buy & sell price changes, to encourage player trading.
  • Added Clown Fish, Puffer Fish & Apples.
  • All potion prices increased by $50, as players are now earning more.
Witches hut...
  • Increased value of Poisonous Potato & Rabbits Foot.
  • Added /craft to the Commands page, as a shorter alternative to /workbench.
  • The price of 4 hours use of /fly has been increased from $250 to $350, with the 12 hour option increasing from $450 to $650 (double the 4 hour price, minus $50, as before).
Loot Crates...
  • Spin time (time to get prize) decreased a bit more, now reduced by a total of 70%.
  • These have had some further tweaks, with a few changes to each crate aimed at balancing and making the lower crates more worthwhile for established players.

Players were finding it a bit tedious to open 5 low level loot crates after voting, so...
  • You'll no longer get an Uncommon Crate Key for every vote.
  • You'll get 1 x Uncommon Crate Key & 1 x Rare Crate Key for voting on all 5 sites.
  • You'll still get $50 per vote and $150 bonus for voting on all 5 sites in a day.
  • I also changed the voting links for 3 of the sites a little, to make voting faster.