Wednesday 4 December 2013

World Switch Date Revised

The world corruption is getting worse much faster than I thought so I've had to revise the 'switch-by' date, I can therefore confirm that we will switch to the new world no later than 11th December, at least five days earlier than originally hoped.

Players therefore have until this coming Tuesday, 10th December, to get builds saved and items in The Vault. Remember to open a /modreq request, or get a Helper/Mod to open one for you, to request your building is saved for transfer, unless you follow the example at spawn and open a modreq request it will be assumed that you do not wish to save your builds.

Tatankore has provided some images as a guide to placement of the gold blocks as this seems to have confused some people.

The first image is a top down view, showing the gold blocks in place at opposite corners.

The second image is an angled view, showing how one block is at the base of the build (ground level), whilst the other is in line with the top of the build.

The last image shows a sign placed on one of the blocks requesting that the area is expanded down 3 blocks below ground to include a basement or cabling etc under the floor.

Thanks again to Tatankore for the images, I hope they help anyone that was confused as to what they needed to do!