Wednesday 24 July 2013

Down For Upgrade / Maintenace

The server is now down for the upgrade / maintenance and should be back up within 2-3 hours, regular updates will be posted here.

UPDATE: 11:10 - Full backup is complete and we're uploading the new files now.
UPDATE: 12:00 - All the changes have been made, we're probably half way through testing now.
UPDATE: 13:00 - We're just fixing a minor glitch, it shouldn't take long!
UPDATE: 13:20 - Upgrades complete, you can now connect to the server!

Summary of main changes (from a player perspective):

Tank Cart - Unbanned, available to all ranks.
Project Table - Unbanned, but restricted to Member+.
Fire Rod - Enabled, available to all ranks.

Fire Rods have also replaced gold knives in the village chest in Marble End.

The plugin has also nerfed Blaze Rod / Bone Meal EMC generation, so these setups will generate a tiny percentage of the EMC they used to (less than 1% for Blaze Rod).

EDIT: I just realised that Timers are now resetting to 1.6 instead of 1.5 seconds, this is not deliberate on my part but does seem to be the minimum the plugin will allow now, I'll mention it to the dev and see if this was deliberate or will be fixed in the next version.