Saturday 25 February 2017

Modded Client 1.0.9 Released

This version includes two mod updates as follows:
  • Just Enough Items - (was
  • Schematica - (was
If you also use the Journey Map mod this would be a good time to grab the latest version if you haven't already, version 5.4.6 was released around a week ago.


Wednesday 22 February 2017

PikaFrank on a roll!

Well it seems PikaFrank is on a roll today...

First finding and raiding an End City with Sealord_Cthulu...

And then managing to become the #1 Crafter & Baker...

As PikaFrank put it... "Top Crafter & Baker, woop!"

Remember, we pay $150 for every screenshot that we use on the site,
we loving seeing your adventures, builds & other awesome stuff!

Down For Maintenance

As the server was quiet I've taken it down for maintenance as follows:
  • Full backup.
  • Update 3 plugins to latest version (minor bug fixes only) and test.
This shouldn't take more than 45 minutes, as always I'll update here when done.

Update 11:10 - The maintenance is complete and players can now connect as normal!

Tuesday 21 February 2017

DiggyNevs Found One In The End

DiggyNevs submitted these screenshots of him finally finding 
and exploring an End City after a long search...

A few players have finally found them this week and discovered
they have some pretty awesome loot...

Seems he got a pretty good haul, including Elytra and a Dragon Head!

Remember, we pay $150 for every screenshot that we use on the site,
we loving seeing your adventures, builds & other awesome stuff!

Sunday 19 February 2017

Drops Despawn Timer

I've updated a couple of plugins today, and although most of the changes are just minor bug fixes one update has added an interesting new feature, a drops despawn timer...

Basically when individual player drops are due to despawn in 15 seconds a holographic timer will appear like the one shown above, letting you know that you need to collect them asap!


Friday 17 February 2017

New Page: Builders Wanted

I've added a new page, 'Builders Wanted', it contains an easier to follow version of what I posted yesterday, with more details on how it will all work and limitations that apply. If you have any questions please do ask.


Thursday 16 February 2017

Builder? This Post Is For You!

As some of you know I've been playing around with a 'Secret' loot crate and have built various additions to Spawn Village and the mansion nearby. 

What you won't know is that I've also added an additional world, which we hope will act as an ever expanding world of 'explorables' such as dungeons and adventure style minigames which can be played solo or as part of a team.

The best part? I want you guys and gals to help build it!

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of then here's what you need to know;
  • Each build will be built within its own WorldGuard region.
  • You will be given build permission to the region until the build is complete (ideally 3 weeks max), along with unlimited fly in that world.
  • Whilst working on a build you will not be able to use certain features of the world, to keep things fair.
  • You can submit ideas via email, discord or in game message, whichever you'd prefer.
  • Initially DiggyCrew will vote on which build ideas we decide to go with, eventually as the number of players grows we are likely to also use polls to help decide.
  • If you have an idea then you've got 2 options;
    • Build it in single player using the modded client and create a schematic using Schematica. Send it to me so I can take a look and put everything you need in chests so you're good to go. This is the best bet for builds that you want to tailor to the landscape, keep flexible, or that require lots of expensive materials.
    • Or... build it in the main world, then when you're ready I'll copy and paste it. Once it's in place you can make any final tweaks. This is the best bet if your build is biome specific (other than forest), as I can copy the surrounding landscape and blend it in after pasting.
  • We'll be looking for variety, so the more original the idea the more likely we'll want to use it!
  • Prizes/loot will be in the form of kits, special loot crates and in game money depending on the type of build (mainly whether it's a dungeon, minigame etc). 
  • You will get to help decide on special loot items for your build, such as a tool/weapon with specific lore.
  • Players will get to/from the 'explorables' via portals either in or around spawn or the mansion, so builds which have an obvious link would be great additions (for example a portal in the church leading to a creepy graveyard or cathedral style ruins etc).
  • Players must not be able to enter/exit the build any way other than using portals (invisible barrier blocks can be used to surround it if necessary). 
Work should begin on the first build in a week or two, so get thinking and submitting ideas, we're hoping to have two builds going on initially.

A new section will be added to the site soon with all the information above plus extra details, like what minigame functions can be added to your builds. 

I look forward to seeing your ideas!

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Jobs Bug Fixes

I'm pleased to say that I've just updated the Jobs plugin, this version fixes the following bugs;
  • Limits not showing correctly when using; /jobs limit
  • Inventory issues relating to; /jobs shop
  • Fix for player name changes not always registering properly.

Sunday 12 February 2017

End Expanded

Due to the distance at which players are finding End Cities I've expanded the world border by another 500 blocks. After spending some time flying around I reckon that should be enough to cover a decent number of them.


Friday 3 February 2017

Modded Client 1.0.8 Released

This version includes the following changes:
  • Forge updated to latest recommended build.
  • Cosmetic tweaks to Custom Main Menu.

Thursday 2 February 2017

Big Changes At Spawn!

I've made a couple of pretty big changes at spawn, firstly to /fly...

Players have been building up exp way faster than they need it so I've been looking at more uses for it, I decided to start by allowing /fly time to be bought with it!

The prices are high, but seem well balanced given how much exp some players have built up already. As an extra perk for VIP's they can buy 12 hours of /fly for the normal exp cost of 4 hours!

The second big change is aimed at adding a little competition to Jobs...

The top 4 players for each job are shown on signs, with the top players head displayed above...

At either end you can also see the 4 highest overall skilled players, in other words the 4 players with the highest total combined levels + exp, based on players active jobs!

If you see skulls it means your client is still loading the skins, Notch's head is shown if no player has reached level 1 of a particular job yet (an opportunity to get your name on the board easily!).

This should hopefully introduce some healthy competition for the top spots and a new challenge for players, whether you're aiming to get the overall top spot or just your head on the wall somewhere.


Wednesday 1 February 2017

Shop/Auction Update

I just updated the shop plugin which the developer has patched very quickly for us;
  • Potion Shop is fixed, you can now use it as normal again.
  • Multiple auctions per player is now enabled, players can have up to 4 auctions at a time.
The multiple auction feature was something he added based on my request, which in turn was based on your request so please do make more suggestions as he's very open to ideas!


Bugs & Fixes

I've been working on a few things this morning based on feedback from a few players;
  • The odd Shop Chest permission issue some players experienced is now fixed.
  • Calculation of Job payment amounts have been tweaked to give smoother progression.
  • Calculation of exp hourly limits has been tweaked to make Job Bonus Time more rewarding and allow around 40% more exp to be gained after reaching the money/point limit.
  • Anti-Hack detection tweaked to further help reduce the chance of false positives.
  • More tweaks to Spawn Village and the witches hut.
I've also had to make a temporary change;
  • All potions in the Potion Shop are temporarily only available to buy, due to discovery of a bug which is being investigated by the plugin developer.
Hopefully that last issue will be resolved soon!