Friday 18 April 2014

Building Challenge Poll Added!

The poll has now been added to the website, you have until 7 pm (UK) on Monday to cast your vote  and can change your mind at any time until the poll closes!

Good luck all!

Building Challenge Finalists

The votes are all in and I can reveal the six finalists are as follows (in order of build areas)...

rensdertje (N3)
joeygerace (NE2)
sam_the_chicken (E3)
Leathernuke (S2)
fam_mou (W3)
Criminal4ever (W4)

It was extremely close in the end and the following players missed out on being in the final 6 by just a single point...

lincoln1313 (E1)
Xx_baylee_xX (NW4)

...better luck next time guys!

Those that didn't make the final 6 will find a little something in their inventory as a consolation prize, competition was tough so don't be too disappointed!

The poll will appear on here a little later and will run until Monday morning (UK) so if you haven't already then you still have time to check out the finalists!

Here are some screenshots of the final 6 in no particular order...

Building Challenge Voting

Just two more judges votes to collect and I can put up the poll for the top 6 builds!

So far we have four builds definately going through but another five builds with very similar scores, which of those five get through to the final six and earn a place in the final poll depends entirely on the last two judges!

The poll will appear on the site by around 8pm (UK) tonight!