Tuesday 9 April 2013

WorldGuard flags & CoreProtect

Since upgrading to CoreProtect 2.04 two of the region flags have stopped working correctly, theses are:

chest-access & use

They still work for regions for which they were already set but fail to work if the flag was changed or set after CoreProtect was installed, I've investigated the cause and it seems that their is no fix for this other than to remove CoreProtect, which given how much it has helped to catch griefers and how much time it has saved staff isn't an option.

I've therefore removed these flags from the command page and removed the related permissions, effectively disabling them.

As we have protection stones and Lockette these flags weren't essential anyway and looking at the region file were only used by an extremely small number of players so this should have minimal impact, I'm sure you can all understand my decision.

Thanks to DigginChickin for bringing this to my attention earlier!