Friday 31 January 2014

VIP Renewal Emails Sent & Donator Package Disabled

VIP Renewal emails have now been sent to all existing VIP players, please remember that the email is sent to the address used for your PayPal payment (unless an alternative was provided), if you need it resent or sent to an alternative email address then just let us know.

I know they were supposed to be sent out tomorrow but it's looking like I'm going to have a crazy day so I thought I'd send it now just in case!

Not an existing VIP but want to be?

A new free package will appear in our BuyCraft store from February 7th allowing players who have already bought Donator rank to reserve any VIP slots that we know are not being renewed. Once a slot is confirmed an email will be sent to you with a GroupPay link as with renewing VIP's.

Note: The BuyCraft Donator package has been temporarily disabled so that this is not used to 'queue jump' and will be re-enabled on 14th February when any remaining VIP slots will be made generally available.

Thanks again for all your donations to date!

VIP places remaining as of 17:00 on 6th February:  9 of 12

Fun Statistics

Here's a few statistics for server activity in December, just for fun...

Average blocks placed or broken in 24 hours - 327,314

Total unique players* - 987

Total players on for more than 7 unique days* - 691

Average unique players in 24 hours* - 104

*Only counts if players were online for more than 15 minutes.

Top 20 players by playtime:

#1 tylong234
#2 poppadom587
#3 jabbawokkey
#4 mreyno
#5 niki2008
#6 thedudewhocrafts
#7 tatankore
#8 freaksdesign
#9 diggityduck
#10 xx_boy1997
#11 diggywig
#12 fam_mou
#13 sam_the_chicken
#14 xphantomy2kx
#15 xxman123x
#16 lincoln1313
#17 diggybrine
#18 imtehq
#19 pantheria19
#20 drophar

Total new money added to economy (slots, rewards etc) - $6,675,830

Total money removed from economy (slots, admin shop purchases etc) - $4,671,234

Because we had 3 players win 1 million on the slots we ended up with the amount of money in the economy jumping up but that should hopefully balance out over time :)