Saturday 16 March 2013

Server repaired and back up!

The server is back up and the regenerated chunk is loading fine!

Server Down

The server is currently down, this appears to be due to malicious actions which have caused serious problems with a map chunk and are causing the server to be unstable.

I am working on resolving the problem now but may have to do a partial restore as well as removing the chunk, word data (excluding the chunk causing the issue) and player data (including inventories) should not be affected but it may take 20-30 minutes to get the server back online.

I'll update here as soon as possible, please bear with us!

UPDATE: 22:05 - This is going to take a while longer, progress is slower than I'd hoped, I'll post another update soon.

UPDATE: 22:15 - The chunk has been removed and the server is back up!

New Security Page

I've just added a new page to the site detailing our policy on griefers, what steps players should take to protect themselves and how to report incidents:

VIP Changes

As the new Member+ rank now gets the items formally restricted to VIP rank I decided to add some new perks to VIP status as follows:

VIPs may request that an Admin 'landscapes' their region using WorldEdit, including flattening areas, basic terrain smoothing, mass tree & plant removal, mass tree replanting, filling of pools, lakes etc  with water or lava and more!

VIPs will also be given a Swiftwolf's Rending Gale & full set of Quantum Armour when they first become a VIP and further free items, such as HV Solar Arrays, every time they renew their VIP status.

Full details of VIP perks can be found here:

Daily Backup Schedule Change

After looking at our player statistics I've decided to move the daily backup to the quietest time of day, meaning that the daily backup will now take place around 8am to 9am UK time (maybe slightly later at weekends).

This means that fewer players will be online when the server needs to restart and hence minimises the impact of the 2 minute downtime.