Tuesday 11 February 2014

VIP Slots

VIP Renewals:

Just a reminder that existing VIPs have until 9 am on 14th February to renew and be guaranteed a slot, that's just 3 days away now so if you need a little more time or know that you will definitely not be renewing then please drop me an email!

Donator To VIP Upgrades:

The free package to reserve a VIP slot for a discounted donation of £15 will be removed from the BuyCraft store at 9 pm on Thursday (13th February) evening, and reserved slots will be held until 9am on Friday (14th February) as with VIP renewals. So if you would to take advantage of the discounted upgrade donation you will need to do it soon!

General Availability:

To keep things fair a couple of slots have been set aside to be made generally available on Friday (14th February), along with any other slots which may still be available. The reserving and allocating of these slots will be done via email.

VIP Places Remaining as of 10pm on 13th February: 5 out of 12