Tuesday 7 May 2013

Probationary Helpers

We currently have three probationary helpers:


In a few days we'll be deciding which of these should be made full Helpers and which should be demoted back to Member+ for now, so I'd ask that if anyone has feedback they'd like to give on any of these helpers, positive or negative they e-mail or message me on skype. We will also be taking other factors into account but your feedback matters!

Any Helper that is demoted will be able to have another go at becoming a full Helper in the future and shouldn't take it personally, we want to keep the number of helpers at any given time small and make sure that most of the community is happy with our choices!

Banned Items Revised

I have managed to get anti-dupe measures working for two banned items:

RM Furnace & Klein Star (all variants)

These items have now been removed from the banned item list, however they are restricted to Member+ rank or above as attempting to dupe with them could cause a lot of console and log spam.


I've also re-added Dispensers to the banned item list, I thought they were fixed by a patch but seemingly not, we've had a few crashes in the past few days due to the old redstone + dispenser Tekkit bug :(