Wednesday 22 February 2017

PikaFrank on a roll!

Well it seems PikaFrank is on a roll today...

First finding and raiding an End City with Sealord_Cthulu...

And then managing to become the #1 Crafter & Baker...

As PikaFrank put it... "Top Crafter & Baker, woop!"

Remember, we pay $150 for every screenshot that we use on the site,
we loving seeing your adventures, builds & other awesome stuff!

Down For Maintenance

As the server was quiet I've taken it down for maintenance as follows:
  • Full backup.
  • Update 3 plugins to latest version (minor bug fixes only) and test.
This shouldn't take more than 45 minutes, as always I'll update here when done.

Update 11:10 - The maintenance is complete and players can now connect as normal!