Friday 8 August 2014

Modpack Delay

As many of you know I'm currently in the last 18 months of a degree, my workload until October is over 60 hours a week so I'm afraid the modpack is progressing a lot slower than I would have liked.

The original intention was for it to be launched this month however my mod still requires some work to get it to the point we need it at and some of the plugins still need a significant amount of tweaking, all in all I probably still have 5000+ lines of code to write and test plus a few hundred lines of config to tweak.

I will continue to work on it as time permits but until my workload eases off in October it will be difficult to get the bulk of the work done, come October however I should be able to finish things off fairly quickly so it should still launch well before the end of 2014.

As usual keep an eye on the Modpack section of the site for the latest news and updates, feedback so far has been very positive so hopefully when it does launch everyone will agree it has been worth the wait!

For now here's another little preview, this time something I've put together for the new casino, introducing the YogSlot...