Monday 9 September 2013

Introducing Kits

For technical reasons we can't use the automatic kit feature of Essentials but we've come up with an alternative that is now in place and working.

Typing /kit will show you a list of available kits, the kits we've set up are as follows:

Consists of - Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe, Stone Sword, Stone Shovel, 2 x Bread & 1 x Mushroom Stew.
It is intended to be claimed once only by new players, although existing players can also claim it if they want, this kit cannot be claimed more than once per player per year.
This kit is available in all worlds except Marble End.

Consists of - 1 x Golden Apple & 4 x Alchemical Coal.
Think of this kit as a daily bonus, it can be claimed by any player once every 24 hours.
This kit is available in all worlds except Marble End.

Consists of - Stone Sword.
This kit replaces the chests in the Marble End spawn rooms and means that you can now get a new stone sword if it breaks or you die, without having to leave the world and return. This kit can be claimed by any player once every 2 minutes.
This kit is only available in Marble End.

Make sure you have space in your inventory before claiming a kit.

More kits are likely to be added in the future, Enjoy!

Fixes & Changes

The changes today contained quite a few fixes, mostly behind the scenes stuff (less console spam, yay!), but here's a couple of fixes that I know many players, including staff, will be very happy about:

Timers etc - The minimum time is now 1.5 again instead of 1.6, you'll need to manually lower any currently set to the old default of 1.6 seconds.

Quarries - One of our oldest bugs has finally been squashed, you can still only place 1 quarry at a time, but you can now pick up and replace it as many times as you want.

Project Table & RM Furnace:
Another change made this morning has almost eliminated console spam created by blocking these dupes, so they are now restricted to Member rank or above rather than Member+.

/help Command:
This command is now enabled for all ranks but restricted to just showing commands for the plugin 'Essentials' for everyone except Admins, unfortunately for other plugins it was showing every possible command (25 pages!) whether you had permission to use them or not.


Downtime & Bug Fixes

The server will be down from 8:30am for a full backup and to test a plugin upgrade which includes some bug fixes.

Sorry for the late notice but I only got the upgrade today and as it contains some small but important fixes & changes and Mondays are always quiet I decided to just go for it this morning.

The server will be back up as soon as I've tested everything, I'm hopeful that this will be by around 10am, but if something goes wrong or takes longer than expected it could be as late as midday, I'll update here once I know more.

UPDATE: 08:30 - The server is now down.
UPDATE: 09:10 - Full backup has completed.
UPDATE: 10:00 - Testing has mostly gone well, but looking into a potential problem.
UPDATE: 10:30 - Made a couple of adjustments, server should be back up very soon!
UPDATE: 10:55 - Server is coming back up now!