Monday 19 June 2017

***Server Closed***

As of now the server is now permanently closed, thanks again to everyone who helped make the server such a great place to hang out over the last four and a half years!

See you around!

Thursday 1 June 2017

*** Server Closing - The End Of An Era ***

Apologies for my lack of posts over the last month, a couple of us decided to take a break and have a serious think about the future of DiggyMinecraft.

Basically, we feel that it has run it's natural course now and it's time to wrap things up. We didn't come to this decision lightly but we think it's the right one.

Back in January 2013 when we launched our first publicly advertised server we couldn't have imagined what would follow! For two years the server, running Tekkit Classic, thrived with over 1000 regular players at it's peak an an average of around 700 over it's lifetime, it was a lot of work but also a lot of fun! 

In November 2014 we launched the DiggyVerse modpack, which has also been around for over 2 years now, time goes so fast! Our playerbase was rapidly shrinking at that point due to the sudden surge of modpacks available, and sadly we struggled to keep the number of regular players over 100 or so. In February 2015 we closed the Tekkit Classic server to concentrate on DiggyVerse.

The memory requirements of more recent Minecraft versions is much higher, and as a result so are the costs of running a server. So with donations falling short, the playerbase continuing to shrink and the game changing so rapidly we switched to Vanilla Minecraft, based on player feedback, back in December last year.

Unfortunately we've quickly realised that the competition is just too high, with so many servers it's tough to stand out and retain players, every other server owner I know gave up some time ago. On top of that most of our long term players have now moved on to other things, including a couple of key staff members.

So, on Sunday 18th June 2017, almost four and a half years after we launched, the server will be shutdown permanently.

It's been a fantastic ride, I've improved my Java skills by writing over 11 million lines of code, I've improved my Photoshop skills by creating over 10000 custom textures in various resolutions, but most importantly I've had a ton of fun playing the game and meeting tons of awesome people!

I'll keep Discord open (though I'll be making some changes), do feel free to drop in and say hello! I'd also love to know about any future projects/servers you guys are involved in. I won't be playing Minecraft as much now but I will still be out there, some of you guys already know which other servers I play on so you'll still see me around from time to time!

It's been great and I'd like to thank every single one of the players who helped me out (especially donators), shared laughs, and made running the server fun over the last few years... but everything must come to an end eventually, see you around and all the best for the future.

~DiggyWig~ (John)

Friday 28 April 2017

Down For Maintenance

As the server was quiet I've taken it down for maintenance as follows:
  • Full backup.
  • Update 6 plugins to latest version (minor bug fixes only) and test. 
This shouldn't take more than 40 minutes, as always I'll update here when done.

Update: The server is back up and players can now connect as normal!

Monday 24 April 2017

Performance Tweaks & Anti-Hack

I made some performance tweaks this morning along with a couple of small changes to the anti-hack plugin, this should mean...
  • Faster chunk loading / unloading.
  • Less false positives for certain hack detection's.

Tuesday 18 April 2017

Spawners Have Returned To Loot Crates!

Thanks to the plugin developer Loot Crates now fully support mob spawners with custom data, in other words the ones that you can currently silk touch!

All four types (Spider/Cave Spider/Zombie/Skeleton) are now possible wins from the Legendary Loot Crate. What's more some items that used to be in Legendary are now in Rare, and some items that were in Rare are are now in Uncommon, making their prizes better than ever.


Monday 17 April 2017

Easter Crate Keys

Just a reminder that the Easter Loot Crate will only be around until midday tomorrow so you need to remember to use your keys before then... well, unless you want to wait until next year that is!

Also, all of the extra hidden Easter Eggs at spawn have now been discovered and claimed, congratulations to those who found them!

Thursday 13 April 2017

Down For Maintenance

As the server was quiet I've taken it down for maintenance as follows:
  • Full backup.
  • Update 4 plugins to latest version (minor bug fixes only) and test.
This shouldn't take more than 40 minutes, as always I'll update here when done.

Update: The server is back up and players can now connect as normal!

Wednesday 12 April 2017

The Easter Event Has Arrived!

Have you checked out the Easter Helper at Spawn yet?

Help the bunnies to earn special Easter Loot Crate Keys...

And trade them for ore-some prizes to use or sell for a healthy profit!

The loot crate will only be around until midday Tuesday (UK time) so be sure to use any keys you earn before then!


Tuesday 11 April 2017

Modded Client 1.1.0 Released

This version includes four mod updates as follows:
  • Custom Main Menu - 2.0.5 (was 2.0.3)
  • Inventory Tweaks - 1.6.2+beta.84 (was 1.6.2-dev-77)
  • Just Enough Items - (was
  • Schematica - (was
The updates are mostly bug fixes, with a few minor performance tweaks etc.


Thursday 6 April 2017

GameZone Makeover

As some of you know I'd been gradually giving the minigames a makeover over the last couple of weeks, I'm pretty much done now so let me know what you think of the changes.

Also, just in case anyone hadn't realised yet... you get a $1000 bonus the first time you complete each minigame! 

Sunday 2 April 2017

Never Loose Crate Keys Again!

I just applied some plugin updates, mostly just possible bug fixes but it has added one handy new feature...

Loot Crate Keys are now kept on death for players of all ranks, instead of dropping they are moved into the "Crate Claim" inventory and can be retrieved in the usual way, by doing: /crate claim


Monday 27 March 2017

Pay rises for all!

We've been taking a look at how long it takes players work up through the levels, and came to the conclusion that it needed to be more rewarding. So, I've made some major changes today...
  • Starter pay for Jobs has been increased from $100 per hour to $200 per hour.
  • Maximum pay (with 2 jobs at level 32) has been increased from just over $200 to $840.
  • Maximum hourly experience has been increased by 50%.
  • Maximum hourly points has been increased by 60%.
The changes mean that you shouldn't hit your limits as quickly and will be able to rank up a bit faster!


Friday 24 March 2017

Have You Checked Out Defiants Market?

Defiants market is our first and only player built and run marketplace...

It was originally built by DefiantTrekk but is now managed by PikaFrank!

Their's quite a few shops already, with a range of items available...

But also some plots still available and plenty of room for more to be added... 

Why not check it out today? 
And maybe even consider starting your own shop!

Visit the market using the public warp (/warp) and contact
PikaFrank in game if you're interested in starting a shop!

Saturday 18 March 2017

Spleef & Teleporting Llamas

Some players had been experiencing issues with the Spleef minigames and teleporting Llamas, I'm pleased to say that both these issues should now be fixed!


Wednesday 15 March 2017

Vote Reward Increase!

Based on player feedback the bonus for voting on all 5 sites has now been increased from $150 to $350, meaning that you can now earn a total of $600 every day just for voting!


Tuesday 14 March 2017

Down For Maintenance

As the server was quiet I've taken it down for maintenance as follows:
  • Full backup.
  • Update 5 plugins to latest version (minor bug fixes only) and test.
This shouldn't take more than 45 minutes, as always I'll update here when done.

Update: The server is back up and players can now connect as normal!

Monday 13 March 2017

Introducing Player Vaults!

I finally finished testing a feature requested by a couple of players... Player Vaults!

Here's everything you need to know;
  • Vaults are accessed using the command: /vault
  • Players get a vault when they reach Citizen rank, with 52 slots of storage, increasing to;
    • 104 slots at Master rank.
    • 156 slots at Titan rank.
  • Vaults can only be accessed in the main world.
  • Vault contents are securely stored, separate from other data, making them very safe.
As they would never need to be reset due to corrupt player data, world resets etc the vaults are a great form of long term safe storage. As a bonus they also make for handy extra inventory space when working on large builds or even just mining!


Saturday 11 March 2017

Minigames Have Arrived!

All the games are now enabled and I've updated the information at spawn!

The first time you win each game you'll be rewarded with $1000!

After that prizes are chosen randomly from a selection including
 Cookies, Emeralds & Diamonds!

Here's a little sneak peak at what's available...

PvP Arena

For 2-16 players. 

It's the standard last man standing style setup, kill everyone else before they kill you!

Desert Infection

For 4-16 players.

Players are divided into 'Infected' & 'Survivors', Infected players must kill the Survivors to win, but if they win instead! Remaining time is shown on your exp bar.

Fort CTF

For 4-16 players.

Players are divided into two teams, Red & Blue, each spawning in their own fort with a range of items and regenerating chests.

The aim is to capture your opponents flag by clicking the "Flag" signs in their fort and then returning it to your own fort and clicking the "Flag Capture" sign.

The first team to capture their opponents flag 5 times wins!

Race Run  (Biome Run & Danger Run)

Biome Run: 2 players.
Danger Run: 2-6 players.

Minigame fun without any PvP, it couldn't be simpler... get to the end first!

Spleef (Quick Spleef & MultiSpleef)

Both for 2-8 players.

Quick Spleef is a standard, single floor spleef arena, players start with a diamond shovel and must break the snow floor to make their opponents fall into the lava below! After around 60 seconds the floor starts to disappear, starting with the outer blocks and moving in towards the centre. 

Multi Spleef adds a couple of twists; 
  • Players begin divided into pairs, each in a small room above the main arena.
  • When players fall into the main arena they can break the snow above and below, meaning they can fight others on the same floor but also make players still in the smaller rooms fall.
  • After around 60 seconds the floor randomly disappears one block at a time (both layers).

PvP is disabled for both spleef games so the only way to win is to make your opponent fall.

Thanks to everyone who helped with testing and suggesting tweaks, if you experience any issues or have suggestions please do let me know!


Friday 10 March 2017

Better Animal Teleportation!

I've just updated a couple of plugins, and although it was mostly for bug fixes the plugin we use for horse teleportation has had a major overhaul! Here's what's new;
  • Pigs and Llamas are now fully supported and can also be teleported with you!
  • As well as saddles & armor it now supports carpet, inventories etc, basically all the data to do with the animal is kept safe. 
  • You will now receive a message if you try and teleport to a world where animals are not allowed to be teleported (End, Nether & Adventure).
I have not put any rank restrictions on this at all so this is available to everyone.


Wednesday 8 March 2017

PvP, Explorables & Minigames

As most of you have probably noticed some new signs have appeared at spawn...

The signs on the left clarify where PvP is allowed, and explain about the new explorable features being added to the new 'Adventure' world. Although only one explorable ("Deep Burn") is finished the next one should be ready soon. I know others have got ideas in the works too so I'm excited to see what you come up with!

A lot of new players have asked about a PvP arena so I've given that priority for now. 

As we've had some form of PvP/Minigame world since the early days of DiggyMinecraft I decided to go a bit further and bring back some old favourites that I had saved! Here's a little more info on what's coming...
  • PvP Arena (2 to 16 players) - A completely new build inspired in part by a design I saw recently on a minigame server, it's pretty self explanatory.. last man standing wins! The build is complete and I'm really happy with how it turned out.
  • Desert Infection (4 to 16 players) - This has been copied over from the old DiggyVerse GameWorld, although I've tweaked the design a little. Essentially a game of "tag" Infected players must catch the others to infect them, infect all the other players or survive until the time is up to win!
  • CTF Fort (4 to 16 players) - This one is also copied over from the old DiggyVerse GameWorld, but has been had a complete makeover. I've added more detail to the build and added extra ways of defending/attacking your fort. For those who don't know CTF means Capture The Flag. Basically you need to get into the other teams fort, click a sign to steal their flag and return it to your fort without getting killed!
  • Race Run (2 to 6 players) - The final minigame copied over from the old DiggyVerse GameWorld, it's had a couple of minor tweaks but has essentially been kept the same. With two courses to choose from it couldn't be simpler, first to the end wins!
  • Spleef (2 to 8 players) - A completely new build, with two arenas to choose from, this is the last one being built and is already close to being finished. Use the shovel to break the snow and make the other player/s fall into the lava before you do, simple!
Although most of the building is done it takes a surprising amount of time to get the games fully set up so it will be at least a few more days. If you're interested in helping to test them be sure to be on the server this weekend (UK afternoon/evening time).

Monday 6 March 2017

Top Votes Fixed

I've just applied an update which fixes the issue some players experienced with the top weekly and monthly vote rewards not being issued correctly. Thanks again to the plugin developer for fixing this so quickly (around a week from when it was reported).

As a bonus this should also fix the bug causing some players to not always get the 5 daily votes reward. 

Remember if you experience a bug please do let us know, we can't fix them if we don't know about them!

Friday 3 March 2017

Additional Land Claim Blocks:

A couple of VIP players asked about the possibility of buying extra claim blocks, I'm pleased to say that I've now added two options for this:
  1. Donate more than the £12 minimum for VIP, for every £2 extra you'll get another 500 blocks, along with 1 x Rare loot crate key!
  2. If you're already a VIP you can make an additional donation, for every £6 you donate you'll get another 1500 blocks, along with 3 x Rare loot crate keys!
Plus there's good news if you're already a VIP and donated more than the minimum, you'll receive any extra blocks you are now entitled to automatically the next time you join the server!

I'm also looking at the possibility of allowing high rank players to purchase additional blocks for in game currency and/or exp, more news on that soon! 


Wednesday 1 March 2017

Color & Formatting Codes On Signs

As of today players of Master rank and above can use color and formatting codes on signs!

If you need a reminder of what the codes are then simply use: /einfo colors


Saturday 25 February 2017

Modded Client 1.0.9 Released

This version includes two mod updates as follows:
  • Just Enough Items - (was
  • Schematica - (was
If you also use the Journey Map mod this would be a good time to grab the latest version if you haven't already, version 5.4.6 was released around a week ago.


Wednesday 22 February 2017

PikaFrank on a roll!

Well it seems PikaFrank is on a roll today...

First finding and raiding an End City with Sealord_Cthulu...

And then managing to become the #1 Crafter & Baker...

As PikaFrank put it... "Top Crafter & Baker, woop!"

Remember, we pay $150 for every screenshot that we use on the site,
we loving seeing your adventures, builds & other awesome stuff!

Down For Maintenance

As the server was quiet I've taken it down for maintenance as follows:
  • Full backup.
  • Update 3 plugins to latest version (minor bug fixes only) and test.
This shouldn't take more than 45 minutes, as always I'll update here when done.

Update 11:10 - The maintenance is complete and players can now connect as normal!

Tuesday 21 February 2017

DiggyNevs Found One In The End

DiggyNevs submitted these screenshots of him finally finding 
and exploring an End City after a long search...

A few players have finally found them this week and discovered
they have some pretty awesome loot...

Seems he got a pretty good haul, including Elytra and a Dragon Head!

Remember, we pay $150 for every screenshot that we use on the site,
we loving seeing your adventures, builds & other awesome stuff!

Sunday 19 February 2017

Drops Despawn Timer

I've updated a couple of plugins today, and although most of the changes are just minor bug fixes one update has added an interesting new feature, a drops despawn timer...

Basically when individual player drops are due to despawn in 15 seconds a holographic timer will appear like the one shown above, letting you know that you need to collect them asap!


Friday 17 February 2017

New Page: Builders Wanted

I've added a new page, 'Builders Wanted', it contains an easier to follow version of what I posted yesterday, with more details on how it will all work and limitations that apply. If you have any questions please do ask.


Thursday 16 February 2017

Builder? This Post Is For You!

As some of you know I've been playing around with a 'Secret' loot crate and have built various additions to Spawn Village and the mansion nearby. 

What you won't know is that I've also added an additional world, which we hope will act as an ever expanding world of 'explorables' such as dungeons and adventure style minigames which can be played solo or as part of a team.

The best part? I want you guys and gals to help build it!

If this sounds like something you'd like to be a part of then here's what you need to know;
  • Each build will be built within its own WorldGuard region.
  • You will be given build permission to the region until the build is complete (ideally 3 weeks max), along with unlimited fly in that world.
  • Whilst working on a build you will not be able to use certain features of the world, to keep things fair.
  • You can submit ideas via email, discord or in game message, whichever you'd prefer.
  • Initially DiggyCrew will vote on which build ideas we decide to go with, eventually as the number of players grows we are likely to also use polls to help decide.
  • If you have an idea then you've got 2 options;
    • Build it in single player using the modded client and create a schematic using Schematica. Send it to me so I can take a look and put everything you need in chests so you're good to go. This is the best bet for builds that you want to tailor to the landscape, keep flexible, or that require lots of expensive materials.
    • Or... build it in the main world, then when you're ready I'll copy and paste it. Once it's in place you can make any final tweaks. This is the best bet if your build is biome specific (other than forest), as I can copy the surrounding landscape and blend it in after pasting.
  • We'll be looking for variety, so the more original the idea the more likely we'll want to use it!
  • Prizes/loot will be in the form of kits, special loot crates and in game money depending on the type of build (mainly whether it's a dungeon, minigame etc). 
  • You will get to help decide on special loot items for your build, such as a tool/weapon with specific lore.
  • Players will get to/from the 'explorables' via portals either in or around spawn or the mansion, so builds which have an obvious link would be great additions (for example a portal in the church leading to a creepy graveyard or cathedral style ruins etc).
  • Players must not be able to enter/exit the build any way other than using portals (invisible barrier blocks can be used to surround it if necessary). 
Work should begin on the first build in a week or two, so get thinking and submitting ideas, we're hoping to have two builds going on initially.

A new section will be added to the site soon with all the information above plus extra details, like what minigame functions can be added to your builds. 

I look forward to seeing your ideas!

Wednesday 15 February 2017

Jobs Bug Fixes

I'm pleased to say that I've just updated the Jobs plugin, this version fixes the following bugs;
  • Limits not showing correctly when using; /jobs limit
  • Inventory issues relating to; /jobs shop
  • Fix for player name changes not always registering properly.

Sunday 12 February 2017

End Expanded

Due to the distance at which players are finding End Cities I've expanded the world border by another 500 blocks. After spending some time flying around I reckon that should be enough to cover a decent number of them.


Friday 3 February 2017

Modded Client 1.0.8 Released

This version includes the following changes:
  • Forge updated to latest recommended build.
  • Cosmetic tweaks to Custom Main Menu.

Thursday 2 February 2017

Big Changes At Spawn!

I've made a couple of pretty big changes at spawn, firstly to /fly...

Players have been building up exp way faster than they need it so I've been looking at more uses for it, I decided to start by allowing /fly time to be bought with it!

The prices are high, but seem well balanced given how much exp some players have built up already. As an extra perk for VIP's they can buy 12 hours of /fly for the normal exp cost of 4 hours!

The second big change is aimed at adding a little competition to Jobs...

The top 4 players for each job are shown on signs, with the top players head displayed above...

At either end you can also see the 4 highest overall skilled players, in other words the 4 players with the highest total combined levels + exp, based on players active jobs!

If you see skulls it means your client is still loading the skins, Notch's head is shown if no player has reached level 1 of a particular job yet (an opportunity to get your name on the board easily!).

This should hopefully introduce some healthy competition for the top spots and a new challenge for players, whether you're aiming to get the overall top spot or just your head on the wall somewhere.


Wednesday 1 February 2017

Shop/Auction Update

I just updated the shop plugin which the developer has patched very quickly for us;
  • Potion Shop is fixed, you can now use it as normal again.
  • Multiple auctions per player is now enabled, players can have up to 4 auctions at a time.
The multiple auction feature was something he added based on my request, which in turn was based on your request so please do make more suggestions as he's very open to ideas!


Bugs & Fixes

I've been working on a few things this morning based on feedback from a few players;
  • The odd Shop Chest permission issue some players experienced is now fixed.
  • Calculation of Job payment amounts have been tweaked to give smoother progression.
  • Calculation of exp hourly limits has been tweaked to make Job Bonus Time more rewarding and allow around 40% more exp to be gained after reaching the money/point limit.
  • Anti-Hack detection tweaked to further help reduce the chance of false positives.
  • More tweaks to Spawn Village and the witches hut.
I've also had to make a temporary change;
  • All potions in the Potion Shop are temporarily only available to buy, due to discovery of a bug which is being investigated by the plugin developer.
Hopefully that last issue will be resolved soon!

Tuesday 31 January 2017

Shop Chests Have Arrived!

This is something that several players have asked for
and I'm pleased to say it's now ready!

Here's what you'll want to know...

  • Shop chests are managed using a single command, /shops
  • Shop Chests do not replace Essentials [trade] signs, you can only have a certain number of Shop Chests in total (as large numbers can cause lag).
  • Unlike [trade] signs you can easy sell items with lore/data values, like potions.
  • Players of any rank can buy from or sell to Shop Chests.
  • Only players of Citizen rank or above can create Shop Chests.
  • Limits increase with rank, up to a maximum of 32, details are on the Ranks page.
  • Setting either the Buy or Sell price to 0 allows to disable that option (it even gets removed from the hologram).
  • The holograms above Shop Chests are only visible up to 4 blocks away, the floating item is visible up to 16 blocks away. 
With player warps making it easier to set up public shops I hope players will find these a useful way of promoting special items or offers as well as making shops look more interesting.


Down For Maintenance

As the server was quiet I've taken it down for maintenance as follows:
  • Full backup.
  • Update 4 plugins to latest version (minor bug fixes) and test.
This shouldn't take more than 45 minutes, as always I'll update here when done.

Update: 11:35 - All done, players can now connect as normal!

Sunday 29 January 2017

Woodland Mansion At Spawn

The woodland mansion at spawn now contains a total of six spawners to ensure a challenge whenever you visit, the spawners are:
  • 1 x Spider
  • 1 x Cave Spider
  • 1 x Skeleton
  • 1 x Evoker
  • 2 x Vindicator
They are dotted around with at least one on each floor, more additions will be coming to the mansion soon.


Modded Client: JourenyMap & OptiFine

Just a quick post to say that both of these mods have had big updates recently, if you currently use them with the modded client it would be a good idea to grab a copy of the latest release and update.

Monday 23 January 2017

Modded Client 1.0.7 Released

This version updates 3 mods to their latest versions as well as updating to the latest Forge release.

Here's a quick summary of the mod updates:
  • Inventory Tweaks - 1.62-dev-75 (was 1.62-dev-74)
  • Just Enough Items - (was
  • WorldEdit CUI - (was


Saturday 21 January 2017

Catch, Move & Sell Passive Mobs!

You can now capture passive mobs, including Villagers!

Here's what you need to know...
  • All passive (non aggressive) mobs can be caught.
  • To capture the mob simply throw a normal Egg at it.
  • It costs Glowstone Dust, so you'll need some in your inventory!
  • You have a 50% chance of capturing the mob, if successful it will drop as a Spawn Egg.
  • When villagers are captured their inventories are cleared (useful for resetting farmers!).
  • Tamed animals / pets, babies & sheared sheep cannot be captured.
  • Animals within a claim are protected from capture by players without permission.

Thursday 19 January 2017

Warps Are Here!

A few players have requested a way for them to create public warps, and after trying out several plugins I've finally found one that fits our needs!

I've completely disabled Essentials /warp, including removal of the commands, so the new plugin uses /warp without any issues just as players are used to. I've also added an alias, /warps, that will simply run /warp.

So, how does it all work? Here's what you'll need to know..
  • Everything is managed via the Warp GUI, brought up by doing /warp.
  • Players can set up to 2 private warps, which only they can use.
  • You need to be Citizen rank in order to create warps.
  • Creating a warp costs $1000, but you get 50% back if/when the warp is removed.
  • The cost decreases with rank, -40% for Lord, -60% for Legend, -80% for VIP's.
  • Players can request (via command) that staff approve the warp to become public.
  • In addition to the 2 private warps players can have up to 4 public warps. 
  • You can rename or revert your public warps back to private at any time.
To clarify this does not replace /home. 

Although you can use private warps as extra homes you will need one available to revert a public one back to private or for the creation of a new warp, the private warps are intended purely to allow you to create and try out warps before making them public.

I've updated all relevant sections of the website.


DigginChickin's Helpful Enderman

DigginChickin got a bit of a surprise when an Enderman 
decided to help test her new minecart system...

Seems the cart hit him on the way around,
but who knows maybe he got in deliberately!

He looks pretty eager to go that's for sure!

Don't forget you can get $150 per image if you submit 
fun/awesome screenshots and we use them on the site!

Wednesday 18 January 2017

Shop & Other Changes

Based on player feedback I've made several changes, here's the details:

  • Several sell price increases for rarer items.
  • Elytra & Nether Star buy & sell price changes, to encourage player trading.
  • Added Clown Fish, Puffer Fish & Apples.
  • All potion prices increased by $50, as players are now earning more.
Witches hut...
  • Increased value of Poisonous Potato & Rabbits Foot.
  • Added /craft to the Commands page, as a shorter alternative to /workbench.
  • The price of 4 hours use of /fly has been increased from $250 to $350, with the 12 hour option increasing from $450 to $650 (double the 4 hour price, minus $50, as before).
Loot Crates...
  • Spin time (time to get prize) decreased a bit more, now reduced by a total of 70%.
  • These have had some further tweaks, with a few changes to each crate aimed at balancing and making the lower crates more worthwhile for established players.

Players were finding it a bit tedious to open 5 low level loot crates after voting, so...
  • You'll no longer get an Uncommon Crate Key for every vote.
  • You'll get 1 x Uncommon Crate Key & 1 x Rare Crate Key for voting on all 5 sites.
  • You'll still get $50 per vote and $150 bonus for voting on all 5 sites in a day.
  • I also changed the voting links for 3 of the sites a little, to make voting faster.

Monday 16 January 2017

Jobs Improvements

Based on player feedback and recent plugin updates I've made several changes to how jobs work:
  • Starter pay increased from $80 to $100.
  • Maximum hourly increased from $206 to $292.
  • Maximum hourly exp increased by around 10%. 
  • Some minor pay amount tweaks to provide better balance.
  • Virtually all block placing penalties removed, this is now handled another way.
The changes mean that players can earn at least 25% more per hour, level up (and so increase earnings) slightly faster and no longer have to be mindful of what blocks they place whilst doing certain jobs.

I'm also trialling Job Bonus Time, which gives boosts to players at set times of day. For now only a single boost is set up but I may add more if it proves popular. Here's the details:
  • Between 6 am & 6 pm (UK time) on Wednesday & Thursday all jobs give double exp!
I chose those days and times as they are usually the quietest times of the week.


Down For Maintenance

As Monday mornings are usually quiet I've taken the server down for maintenance as follows:
  • Full backup.
  • Update 3 plugins to latest version (minor bug fixes only) and test.
This shouldn't take more than 45 minutes, as always I'll update here when done.

12:15 - All done, players can now connect again!

Friday 13 January 2017

Make More From Your Crops

I've added some extra items to the shop, aimed at allowing you to make more money from certain crops by crafting and selling foods.

The food items added are; Pumpkin Pie, Beetroot Soup, Mushroom Stew & Cake.


Tuesday 10 January 2017

Improved Voting Rewards

I decided to give voting rewards a bit of a boost so I've made the following changes:
  • New $150 bonus for voting on all 5 sites on the same day.
  • The top 3 players of the week bonus has been increased from $100 to $500.
  • The top 3 players of the month bonus has been increased from $150 to $1000.
The more votes we get the more the server gets noticed and the more new players we get so we really do appreciate every single one.


Modded Client 1.0.6 Released

This version is purely to update Forge to the latest version, it contains a number of small but fairly important bug fixes.


Shop Changes

To address the concerns of a number of players I've made some further tweaks to the items available and prices in the shop.

While I realise this may frustrate a small number of players in the short term, most seem to understand the need to balance the economy for the long-term good of the server.

It's vital that the sell prices for different items/blocks are balanced to encourage a diverse range of activities in game, and obviously if something is upsetting that balance it needs to be addressed. 

It's also not always possible to foresee how players will use features and sometimes things are overlooked or don't work as expected, so although we'd love to get everything right first time it's simply not possible.

We've made huge progress in getting things balanced over the last few weeks and I'd like to thank everyone that's contributed by pointing out and reporting potential issues. Hopefully this will be last significant pricing change we need to make.

Monday 9 January 2017

Loot Crates Updated

I've made some changes to the loot crates at spawn...

As some people had already noticed I changed the Legendary crate to be an Ender Chest.

I've also tweaked the loot based on feedback. The Common & Uncommon crates have had some slightly better items added, Anvils have moved from Legendary to Rare and the Rare crate now includes a Shulker Shell.

In addition "spin time", the time taken to get your prize, has been reduced by 60% to make it less tedious to use multiple keys (such as when you rankup).


Spawn Village

As you may have noticed I've been adding fun little features to spawn village!

At the bakery you can now sell eggs & sugar...

...and also buy everyone online a cake once per day for $20!

At the blacksmiths you can trade two old very damaged anvils 
for one brand new one, saving you a ton of iron!

If anyone has suggestions for other things they'd like to see in the village etc then drop a message by e-mail, via discord, or using in game mail.


Friday 6 January 2017

Modded Client 1.0.5 Released

Anyone into building complex structures etc is going to love this update!

I've added 2 new mods, Schematica and LunatriusCore, and for those who haven't come across them before I'll briefly explain what they do...

Basically they allow you to create a schematic of a build, any size or shape, and then view a ghost version of it in game to make recreating it a breeze (just place real blocks where the ghost ones are). 

The mods functions are purely client side so it doesn't impact on server performance at all and the ghost build is only visible to you. You can rotate, flip, move it any direction you want etc, allowing you to also tryout different locations and layouts before placing a single block! 

If you'd like to know more about it then check out this video...'s a little outdated so the button layout is different, but it covers everything you need to know.


Thursday 5 January 2017

Shop & Fly Fixes

I updated the Shop plugin today, the update included the following fixes:
  • Named item's now keep their name when sold/bought via player auction.
  • Enchantments are now kept when items are sold/bought via player auction.
  • Fixed bank status scoreboard getting stuck on occasionally.
I also changed the way /fly is handled when purchased at spawn, the timer should now be much more reliable and not affected in any way by disconnecting etc.


Wednesday 4 January 2017

MC 1.11.2 Has Arrived!

I'm very pleased to announce that the server has been updated to MC 1.11.2!

Version 1.0.4 of the official modded client has also been released, which simply updates Forge to be 1.11.2 compatible.

Please note, if you experience issues/crashes after updating the official modded client you should delete it from the launcher and reinstall it (being sure to back up single player worlds etc first) as they can develop strange issues when modpacks change MC versions.


Tuesday 3 January 2017

Jobs - More Flexibility & Earnings!

Based on player feedback you can now take on two jobs at the same time!

This means that you can earn money/exp/points two ways at the same time, e.g. killing mobs (Hunter) whilst mining (Miner). 

The hourly pay limit equation has also been tweaked as follows:
  • Now based on the combined levels of your active job/s.
  • Starter pay has been reduced from $90 to $80.
  • Maximum hourly pay has been increased from $152 to $206.
One big benefit for all players is that this allows for faster levelling up, as you can now earn exp for two jobs instead of one after reaching your hourly money limit.

To get the maximum hourly pay you must have two active jobs, both at level 32.


Sunday 1 January 2017

Happy New Year!

Wishing everyone an awesome 2017!

(Oh and... special new years kit available at spawn, today only!)