Tuesday 15 April 2014

Building Challenge Closed!

The building challenge is now closed!

The regions have been removed so that no further building is possible and the concrete has been taken down, judging will take place over the next 7 days and will work as follows:

  1. Staff will get an email with voting instructions later today and have until 9am (UK) on Friday to vote.
  2. Between now and Friday 6 players will be selected at random to also be judges.
  3. A poll will appear on the website on Friday allowing everyone to vote for one of the top 6 builds, as selected by staff and the player judges.
  4. On Tuesday the scores will all be combined and the 3 winners announced!
In the end we had 14 player builds plus random ones by me and Tatankore that you can't vote for!

Good luck to everyone who entered!

Server Status Banner Removed

The server status banner  has been removed from the site.

Basically the website that provided that service no longer offers it and so the the banner was stuck on the last figure it had before they ceased the service, I will be looking at replacements and hopefully we will have a new one soon!

Support Emails Etc

As some of you know I've been away on a residential for my degree, Tatankore is a little behind on the support emails etc but we'll be catching up over the next few days so if you've got an outstanding issue please bear with us and we will get around to you very soon!

Also please remember that if you send a mail directly to myself it will almost always take longer to be picked up than if you send it to the admin address due to my study schedule this year!