Monday 2 December 2013

Unlikely To Last Until 16th December

We're definitely see more issues with the map and I've had to spend more than 4 hours today patching things up, I can't keep fixing chunks at this rate so expect sudden downtimes especially during UK night-time hours.

I can't see the world lasting until 16th December as planned so please get your stuff into the vault and open /modreq tickets to get your builds copied asap.

If the existing world dies early then the server is likely to be offline for 24 hours or more before it comes back up with the new world as certain things will have to be done all at once rather than gradually over the next 2 weeks.

Important Changes To Commands

I have fully switched us over to the new promotion plugin now so there have been some command changes;

Removed:  /playtime & /seen

Added: /ontime <name>

The '/ontime' command replaces both the old commands and can be used to check your own playing time and that of others, specifying your own name will list some extra detail.

In addition I decided to give an extra permission to all players in relation to the warning system, all players can now use '/warnings <name>' to view another players list of warnings, this gives genuine players a way to check out others before deciding whether to work with them or not as well as being able to check if and why a player has been banned.

Remember if you have received a warning the past (more than 30 days ago) and have stuck by the rules since, you may request that a Moderator or Admin considers removing it.


New Rank Colours!

The new rank colours are now setup and are:


The new Donator rank is not actually available at the moment but the reason for adding it as well as VIP will become clear very soon!

Helpers & Moderators: A new version of the handbooks (v1.68) containing all the permission changes today is now ready for download.


Scheduled Maintenance

The server is down for scheduled maintenance as follows:
  1. Take a full backup/clone - Done
  2. Update TekkitRestrict - Done
  3. Update 3 mod patches - Done
  4. Test updates - Done
  5. Switch to new rank colours and add new ranks (more details coming soon) - Done
  6. Permissions cleanup - Done
  7. Test colours are applied correctly and ranks promote in correct order - Done
  8. Tweak auto-promote plugin - Done
  9. Make around 30 changes to permissions, specifically relating to Staff ranks - Done
  10. Test permission changes - Done
  11. Clear out some old and redundant data - Done
The work is complete and the server is now available again!