Sunday 8 February 2015

Server Closure

The DiggyMinecraft Tekkit Classic server will be closing on Sunday 15th February.

With this in mind I have removed the ability to vote for the server and donation based ranks are no longer available with immediate effect.

The server had a great run and it's been amazing 2 years. I'd like to thank everyone who made the server so much fun to run, those who helped out in staff roles, those who donated towards hosting costs and those who were an active part of our relatively small but friendly community during the life of the server.

When I started the server in early 2013 it was mainly for my kids as we couldn't find a friendly and reliable Tekkit server to play on together, within weeks the server had grown to a strong community of around 700 players and was so busy that some evenings we had a queue of people waiting to connect! Over the next year the community changed as people moved on to new things and new players joined, at our peak we had over 1000 players actively playing at least 2-3 days a week. We had some really fun times, with our building challenges, the creation of Marble End and then GameWorld and other unique features we made something really different from other servers. 

But times change, Tekkit was renamed Tekkit Classic and the Technic team launched a number of new modpacks based on more up to date versions of Minecraft, player numbers began to fall as our regular players spent more time on other packs. By mid-2014 player numbers had dropped to their lowest levels in over a year, just 400 regular players and continued to drop to below 200 by December last year. Over the last month player numbers have dropped below 100 and for the first time we have not raised enough funds via donations to pay the the next bill, falling well short. 

So, here we are, the end of this era of DiggyMinecraft, but it's not the end of the story. Our custom modpack DiggyVerse in still in it's early days but already funded for the rest of the year, with so many modpacks to choose from it's going to be difficult if not impossible to grow to the size that DiggyMinecraft did but we will soon start advertising and hope to attract a decent number of new players. We'd also love to see some of our older players come and join us in this new adventure and contribute to reshaping our community.

So is this the end of the DiggyMinecraft website? No. Although will now become the more active of the two sites the plan is to reshape this site into something new. Now I've gained some experience in making Minecraft mods I'm looking at putting some together for public release and DiggyMinecraft will become my platform for that. The image gallery will also remain here for prosperity along with a list of players who donated etc.

So thanks again to everyone, it's been fun and I hope to see you soon on DiggyVerse, even if it's only to catch up and have a few quick games in GameWorld from time to time!