Friday 31 May 2013

May Castle Challenge

Don't forget that entries need to be submitted by midnight tonight (UK time), that's just over 4 hours away, see this link for more information...

EDIT: 00:00: The Castle Challenge is now closed, judging will take place tomorrow afternoon at 1-3 pm UK time, good luck!

I Go Away For 4 Days And...

... you guys break the server! lol

Seriously though, the Marble End bug should just take a couple of days to sort out, it will require a slight redesign of the portal setup though.

As for the lag issues / crashing over the last 48 hours Diggin had already pinned down the location of the problem yesterday but was having trouble figuring out what needed to be done to fix it, it was accidental but someone's build was causing the CPU to spike to 100% and locking the server up. 
We've temporarily banned the player because we can't fix it while they are logged in and everytime we try and fix it they join the game! If it's you and you're wondering why you got banned don't worry it is only temporary and you should be pardoned within an hour or two!