Monday 9 June 2014

Server Down / Whitelisted

We were getting some odd error messages in the console and are looking into it, I'll update here as soon as we know more.

Update 16:15 - The server is now back up and the whitelist has been removed!

It appears that the issue was to do with the BuyRegion plugin which we had been experiencing minor issues with for a while, thankfully this was due to be removed in 3 days anyway when we launch the new spawn so I've just removed it now instead.

Players who still have shops will remain able to modify their shops contents until 1 week after the switch as originally planned, rents will obviously not renew or expire now until the regions are manually removed on 12th June or your shop is cleared for you.

One unfortunate side effect is that the errors caused some corruption in a couple of other plugins data, we have lost roughly 7 days of CoreProtect data as the database had to be restored from backup and some Essentials data (economy balance and nicknames) may have reset, we cannot be 100% sure at this time but we believe this will affect no more than 10 players out of 700+ so thankfully it was fairly minor.

I will be checking the logs and data over the next couple of hours and compensating any players I can confirm were affected!

Update 17:35: The essentials data loss only affected 8 players in the end, all of which have been successfully restored!

Last Chance To Win $1 Million!

Just a reminder that the casino slots will close tomorrow in preparation for the new spawn so today is your last chance to be the 6th winner of the $1 Million jackpot! 

For more details about the spawn change see this post;