Monday 30 September 2013

Creepers & Exp

Player damage has been enabled for Creepers, you will now take damage from Creeper explosions, however block damage is still disabled so they cannot damage your buildings etc!

Exp will therefore now be awarded for killing them, this has been set to 15 (the same as Cave Spiders), Exp awarded for killing a Ghast, Enderman or Blaze has also been lowered from 50 to 40 for a better balance.

Finally, I've added some rare items to the Admin Store which can be bought for Exp, these are:

8 Coffee Beans for 3000 Exp or 32 Coffee Beans for 10000 Exp
8 Hops for 4000 Exp or 32 Hops for 13000 Exp


Sunday 29 September 2013

Spleef & PvP Arena

These have been updated to use the minigames plugin as well so:

PVP Arena - This is now a 2-4 player last man standing style deathmatch.

Spleef - This is now a 2-4 player game, with automatic floor replacement.


The PvP Village Is Back!

We had a few requests to bring back the PvP Village on Spawn Island so we're pleased to announce that as of today it has returned!

This time around though it's a lot fairer as it's controlled by a plugin...

The instructions are at the entrance and you'll be given Bronze Armour, a Bronze Sword, A Bow and 32 Arrows when the game starts...

The minigame supports 2-10 players, all of which spawn at different locations around the village, a bet is required is join the game and can be an Iron Ingot, Gold Ingot or Diamond, all players must match the bet made before them and the winner takes all the bets plus a bonus! 

For anyone wondering, that's MrJohn117 and someone else we haven't been able to identify in the images!

The PvP & Spleef Arenas will be closing temporarily very soon (one at a time) so that I can modify them and set up the plugin to manage those as well, it also means that the spleef floor will finally regenerate automatically!


New Player Portal Open!

The black player portal has now been approved and set up for redkid1 & Benzi_Auzzie!

The portal is a trade hub with various goods for sale etc, it is open to players of all ranks.

Almost A Millionaire!

We don't know who got this on the slots (it was found like it), but whoever it was nearly became the first millionaire on the server...

If you do manage to get the $1 Million Jackpot then please take a screenshot and send it to us!

Saturday 28 September 2013

Next Generation Of Tatankore's Villagers

Tatankore e-mailed these 'then and now' screenshots of one of his villagers, apparently it's living proof that  "if you build it they will come" XD ...

Network Maintenance

Our Hosting Company is performing some network maintenance over the next few hours, during this time network connectivity is likely to drop several times for a couple of minutes or more.

Hourly Bonus

To help give the economy a boost the Hourly Freebie has been changed to the Hourly Bonus, every hour on the half hour all online players will receive $150!


Friday 27 September 2013

Casino Slots Make xXman123x Crazy!

xXman123x submitted this screenshot with the words "i am crazy because of pumpkins"...

You've got to love the actions on the Danger Slots!

Casino Slots Now Open!

The Casino Slots building on spawn Island is now officially open!

You'll find 9 different slots, with 4 main themes:

Economy Slots - Mostly money or exp prizes.

Tech Slots - Mostly machine or exp prizes.

Danger Slots - Big money prizes, with some nasty surprises.

SuperSlot - Mainly money prizes with a huge $1 Million top prize!

There is a screen with basic instructions in the Slots building.

They are very easy to operate, just interact with the note block as follows:

left-click - pay & roll the slots
right-click - see a list of prizes

The cost of playing varies from slot to slot from $10 for the basic Economy Slot to $250 for the SuperSlot.

The reward for voting has also been doubled to 2 Industrial Diamonds to get more money moving into the economy!

We are working on other ways to get money moving around the economy so watch this space!

If anyone has a big win then please send us a screenshot!

New Warning System

To help communication between staff we've set up a new plugin that freaksdesign found to handle player warnings, we will be using it from today.

The punishments are handled automatically and for the most part are what we already do, with the addition of fines for first & second warnings...

Punishments increase for every warning a player receives:

1st Warning - $250 Fine
2nd Warning – $500 Fine
3rd Warning – 10 minutes in Jail.
4th Warning – 20 minutes in Jail (burn).
5th Warning – Indefinitely Jailed.

If your balance is less than the fine then it will go 'overdrawn' or negative.

If you're indefinitely Jailed you'll need to talk to either DiggyWig or DigginChickin in game or via e-mail to appeal to be released, in some situations you may be banned at this point. If you are released then any further warnings will jail you indefinitely again.

Staff are allowed to use their own discretion, if they feel something is serious enough (proven griefing, players who join just to spam etc) then they may indefinitely jail a player with no previous warnings, or in the case of Moderators  go straight to a ban.

If you receive a warning you think is unfair, send us an e-mail and in some circumstances (a misunderstanding for example) we may remove it for you. Similarly if you have a warning or two but then turn it around and stick to the rules etc we will be happy to consider clearing your warnings history.

100th Vote

The 100th vote has been cast...

The winner was dragontamer6463 who recieved the 10 Industrial Diamonds!

It happened quite early this morning when the server was quiet so only 3 players got the 5 Industrial Diamond bonus, redkid1, Benzi_Auzzie & kevin09lhs.

Congratulations guys!

Thursday 26 September 2013


The server is whitelisted to setup and test Vault, the whitlelist should be removed by 09:20.

UPDATE 9:20 - Vault is set up and running perfectly, the whitelist has been removed!

Wednesday 25 September 2013

100th Vote Bonus

We've already had quite a few votes cast through votifier and at the current rate we'll hit 100 within the next couple of days, so we've decided to give the person who casts the 100th vote a special bonus...

In addition to the usual number of Industrial Diamonds the person who casts the 100th vote will receive 10 extras, plus 5 will be given to every other player who is online at the time!

The extra diamonds can't be given automatically but player names will be logged, I'll be regularly checking so I can get them to you asap once the 100 mark is reached.

Good Luck!

Name Our Currency!

The economy is here to stay, but, it's a bit long winded having to keep saying 'in game money' on the website etc, so we need to come up with a name for our new currency....

We've had a couple of suggestions so far:

DiggyBucks or DiggyDollars - Jav0330

DiggyQuids - DigginChickin

If you'd like to make a suggestion then please make a comment below and we'll run a poll in a few days to pick from the best ones.

Downtime Tomorrow

There will be a short downtime and the server will be whitelisted for about 10-15 minutes tomorrow morning after the 9 am maintenance. This is to set up and test Vault, a plugin which will give us more options for adding new economy related features.

If you know of an interesting plugin that...
  1. Is Minecraft 1.2.5 / Tekkit Classic compatible
  2. Support Essentials Economy or Vault
...then feel free to send me a link with some info!

Tuesday 24 September 2013

New Admin Store Open

The new Admin Store is now open!

You can still buy all the same items at the same prices in Trade-O-Mats, but you now also have the option to buy Protection Stones, Personal Safes & Bronze Wrenches for in game money as well.

Like the Enchantment Store you can exchange your Industrial Diamonds there as well as buy a couple of economy exclusive, Pet Dogs and Chain Armour!


Update: 13:30 - Pet Ocelots have also been added!

Monday 23 September 2013

Enchantment Store & Votifier

A new Admin store has opened in the Player Mall.... the Enchantment Store!

In this store you can use your in game money to buy specific enchantments for your tools, weapons & armour, all enchantments are available for prices that reflect the level of enchantment and rarity.

You can also use the exchange to trade between Industrial Diamonds and Diamonds.

The recipe for Industrial Diamonds was removed in a previous version of Tekkit, but they can still be spawned and when placed in a crafting table can be turned into a normal Diamond, making them perfect for use as an economy 'middleman'. 

Industrial Diamonds will now be given for votes made using Votifier, meaning you have the choice between whether to turn them into a Diamond, trade them with another player, or exchange them for in game money in the Enchantment Store (you will also be able to exchange them in the new Admin Store when it opens tomorrow).

As from tomorrow Industrial Diamonds will also be included as one of the 'Random Freebie' prizes, for those who were wondering there are two 'Random Freebie' events every 24 hours, always at least a few hours apart. 


Down For Full Backup / Clone

I've taken the server down for a full backup / clone to make sure the test server includes all the recent changes, being a Monday morning it's always very quiet so I figured it was the best time, the server should be back up by around 9am (UK time).

UPDATE: 09:05 - Locked myself out of the house, currently trying to borrow a ladder so I can climb through a window (posted from my phone)!

UPDATE: 09:45 - I'm in! I'll just check over everything and hopefully get the server back up in 5-10 minutes.

UPDATE: 09:50 - Server is back up and whitelist is removed, sorry about the delay!

Sunday 22 September 2013

Economy Signs

The economy signs are now enabled, player creatable signs are as follows:


Putting [Balance] on the top line of a sign will allow players to right-click it to check their balance.


Player Trading Signs are somewhat more complicated because of all the options available, you can find a basic guide and link to a video tutorial on these in the 'Vote & Earn Money' section of the site.

The [Trade] signs do not need to be on a chest, they can store their own inventory!

You can use these in Stores at the Player Mall but please remember to keep at least 2 Trade-O-Mats stocked, mainly for players who do not wish to participate in the economy.

Admin signs will also be introduced soon giving you other entirely new ways to use your money, but this might take a few days to fully implement, in the meantime start saving!


Votifier Enabled!

I've finally managed to get a Votifier listener working properly so it is now enabled for the following sites:

Planet Minecraft

Minecraft Server List

Tekkit Server List

You can find more details on the new 'Vote & Earn Money' section for more details and some other ways to earn in game money!

Economy Poll Results

The poll has now closed and 77% of you voted to enable Essentials economy!

It's a pretty clear cut result so over the coming days I'll gradually introduce new features and uses for the economy, for starters though I've enabled the following commands and added them to the 'Commands' section:

/bal or /money- check your balance.
/pay <player> <amount>- pays <player> the <amount> specified.

The following is available for players of Member rank or above only:

/baltop - list the players with the top (highest) balances.

I've also added an 'overdraft facility' of $10,000 for VIP players as an extra perk!

All players have been given a $500 starter balance and new players will also be given this amount when they join!


Saturday 21 September 2013

Economy - 17 Hours Left To Vote

If you haven't voted already then please read this post...

...and vote on the poll to the right, you only have 17 hours left to have your say!

Mojang Session Issues

Mojang are having issues again today, as of writing this sessions have been down about 30 minutes so far and logins are up and down, if you haven't already you might want to bookmark this:

It's a very useful site for checking the Minecraft related servers statuses.

Thursday 19 September 2013

Number Of Slots / Players

I've done some testing and decided to increase the maximum slots / players from 30 to 32, we've hit the 30 player limit for periods of at least 2 hours on 4 days this month so it should help a little on busier days.

Wednesday 18 September 2013

Unbanned Items!

Balkons Weapons Mod

Thanks to a patch provided to me yesturday Balkons Weapons Mod is now working correctly with non-PvP areas and region protection so the following changes have been made:

Firstly all weapons available in Marble End are now also allowed in the normal world, so that's:
Knives (all types, throwable), Crossbow & Dart Gun

Secondly the following are now craftable in both Marble End and the normal world:
Spear (all types, throwable), Warhammer (all types)

And finally the following weapons are now craftable in the normal world:
Musket (including bayonet version), Blunderbuss

So the only items in the mod that will remain banned are:
Training Dummy (due to glitches), Flail (due to glitches), Cannon (too destructive) & Dynamite (explosive)

The Musket & Blunderbuss may also be added to Marble End at some point in the future.

Black Hole Bands

As I mentioned yesterday we can now fully block the right-click ability of the Black Hole Band, so it has now been enabled for Member rank and above!

In addition to right-click being disabled it is blocked from being placed into alchemy bags to prevent a well known dupe, you can however place it into an Alchemical Chest, or activate it in your hand to suck up any dropped items in the area!


Tuesday 17 September 2013

Plugin Upgrade & Patch Applied

A plugin has been updated to fix the issue of right-clicks not being properly blocked, this now works as it used to again. As an added bonus it appears we can now block the water / lava eating function of the Black Hole Band and Void Ring so we are looking into unbanning these two items!

I've also applied a further patch to Balkons Weapons Mod which we hope will fix most issues with the mod, most importantly that thrown / fired weapons bypass PvP settings, we expect to be able to unban a few more items from this mod once we've fully tested them.

Server Down

The server is down due to a problem with a management interface update, unfortunately this may take an hour or so to resolve. I'll update here when I know more.

Update: 17:40 - Turns out the problem isn't with the update, Minecrafts legacy login servers are down, as soon as Mojang resolve that I'll test the update and another patch I was about to apply when it went down and will get the server back up asap!

Update: 18:10 - The Mojang server is back up and we've almost finished testing already, the server will reopen any minute!

Update: 18:13 - The whitelist has been removed!

Monday 16 September 2013

Mail Signs and /itemdb

I've enabled Mail signs, players of all ranks can create Mail signs by placing a sign and putting [Mail] on the top line, the other lines can be whatever you want, then any player can right-click it to read their /mail messages. It's debatable how useful this is but cool nonetheless.

I've also added the /itemdb command for all ranks, this lets you lookup information about the item in your hand, from it's id to how many uses a tool has remaining. I'm sure I wont be the only one that finds it pretty handy!


Should We Enable Economy?

We've had more interest in the /money command and people asking why the server doesn't have an economy recently. Now I know we had a poll about this a few months back but I thought I'd rerun the poll to give players that have joined since then a voice too.

I'm thinking that with the new mall the addition of at least a basic economy makes more sense, plus if you're not into economy you could quite happily go on building / playing as normal and just ignore it, the minimum of two stocked trade-o-mats per store would still apply and the admin store would continue using them so non-economy trading would still be available as it is now.

As many of you know we already have a basic economy built into Essentials, it's just disabled, so enabling and configuring it would be simple, please consider the options and vote in the poll!

Sunday 15 September 2013

New Addition To Spawn

We'd been toying with the idea of some kind of regeneration area at spawn and Tatankore asked if he could build something, the result is 'The Tree Of Life', stand in the grassy area under the tree and both your health and food will gradually regenerate from virtually nothing in under a minute! 

We liked it so much that we've decided to make it a permanent feature at spawn, you can find it outside the main spawn building next to the Portal Hub, enjoy!

Two New World Portals Added

The areas around the four existing portals are quite well populated now so we've added 2 more:

World Portal 2e - Woodlands & Mountains
World Portal 4e - Taiga & Desert

The 'e' stands for extreme as the new destinations are at distances of over 3500 metres from Spawn Island in areas that are still pretty much unexplored, so there is plenty of available space and resources.


Item Limiter Fixed

The quarry limit fix had a weird side effect on some other blocks where it ignored data values, so the limit for one block ended up being shared between all blocks with that ID, so for example the limit for block 126:0 was shared between relays, collectors, plus RM & DM blocks and furnaces, giving a very low limit for each item!

This is now fixed and the limits behave as normal, what's more I managed to fix it without rolling back the quarry fix so the item limiter is now working exactly as originally intended.


Tuesday 10 September 2013

Kit Bug Fixed

Due to a typo one of the kits was behaving a little weirdly, this has now been fixed!


Monday 9 September 2013

Introducing Kits

For technical reasons we can't use the automatic kit feature of Essentials but we've come up with an alternative that is now in place and working.

Typing /kit will show you a list of available kits, the kits we've set up are as follows:

Consists of - Stone Axe, Stone Pickaxe, Stone Sword, Stone Shovel, 2 x Bread & 1 x Mushroom Stew.
It is intended to be claimed once only by new players, although existing players can also claim it if they want, this kit cannot be claimed more than once per player per year.
This kit is available in all worlds except Marble End.

Consists of - 1 x Golden Apple & 4 x Alchemical Coal.
Think of this kit as a daily bonus, it can be claimed by any player once every 24 hours.
This kit is available in all worlds except Marble End.

Consists of - Stone Sword.
This kit replaces the chests in the Marble End spawn rooms and means that you can now get a new stone sword if it breaks or you die, without having to leave the world and return. This kit can be claimed by any player once every 2 minutes.
This kit is only available in Marble End.

Make sure you have space in your inventory before claiming a kit.

More kits are likely to be added in the future, Enjoy!

Fixes & Changes

The changes today contained quite a few fixes, mostly behind the scenes stuff (less console spam, yay!), but here's a couple of fixes that I know many players, including staff, will be very happy about:

Timers etc - The minimum time is now 1.5 again instead of 1.6, you'll need to manually lower any currently set to the old default of 1.6 seconds.

Quarries - One of our oldest bugs has finally been squashed, you can still only place 1 quarry at a time, but you can now pick up and replace it as many times as you want.

Project Table & RM Furnace:
Another change made this morning has almost eliminated console spam created by blocking these dupes, so they are now restricted to Member rank or above rather than Member+.

/help Command:
This command is now enabled for all ranks but restricted to just showing commands for the plugin 'Essentials' for everyone except Admins, unfortunately for other plugins it was showing every possible command (25 pages!) whether you had permission to use them or not.


Downtime & Bug Fixes

The server will be down from 8:30am for a full backup and to test a plugin upgrade which includes some bug fixes.

Sorry for the late notice but I only got the upgrade today and as it contains some small but important fixes & changes and Mondays are always quiet I decided to just go for it this morning.

The server will be back up as soon as I've tested everything, I'm hopeful that this will be by around 10am, but if something goes wrong or takes longer than expected it could be as late as midday, I'll update here once I know more.

UPDATE: 08:30 - The server is now down.
UPDATE: 09:10 - Full backup has completed.
UPDATE: 10:00 - Testing has mostly gone well, but looking into a potential problem.
UPDATE: 10:30 - Made a couple of adjustments, server should be back up very soon!
UPDATE: 10:55 - Server is coming back up now!

Saturday 7 September 2013

September Challenge

As you probably know already Pixel Art was chosen in the poll for the September challenge, however we've decided to move that challenge to October.

Instead we'll be running a different kind of challenge this month, based around the Halloween world being worked on. I don't want to ruin the surprise but what I will say given this challenge is that it will be in a similar style to marble end, but darker, with puzzles to solve and very 'Halloweeny'.

So on to the details of the challenge...

The challenge is to build something for the Halloween world, it could be a statue, fountain, graveyard, crypt, furniture, garden, maze, or anything else you think would add to the Halloween theme!

Rules / guide:

For inside items (furniture etc) assume a room size of 12x12, 6 blocks high.

For outside items (fountain, statue etc) keep it to no bigger than about 25x25 blocks.

Keep builds above ground and at least 2 blocks from any surrounding buildings, so they can be easily copied and pasted using WorldEdit.

To submit your build...

You need to send your name/s, coordinates, and a brief description of the build. This information can be sent either by skype (DiggyWig or DigginChickin) or e-mail ( but must be received by midnight on Friday 4th October so we have time to get them into the world etc before Halloween!

Players will get credit for any builds used in the world and will receive a special gift at Halloween! 

I'm looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!

Friday 6 September 2013

Nether Reset

The Nether has been reset this morning as it was running low on some ores and glowstone within a reasonable distance of the spawn building. All chunks have been pre-generated within the world border again to reduce lag for anyone exploring.

Wednesday 4 September 2013

Two New Player Portals

Two New Player Portals were activated today!

International Trade HQ (001GameFreak) - available to all ranks.

Madsurfers Newbie Town (madsurfer) - restricted to New Builder rank only.

Tuesday 3 September 2013

Protection Stones

Some of you already noticed but as of our anniversary Member+ players can place 4 protection stones instead of 3, this also applies to higher ranks including VIPs (so it's now VIP region + 3 stones). Information on the website and in the Admin Store at the Mall have already been updated.


Monday 2 September 2013

A Great Anniversary

Thanks to everyone who joined in the fun yesterday, in total we had 204 unique logins, most of which were regular players, in the end almost 6 stacks of HV Arrays were given away as well as various other prizes. We saw a record number of players in Marble End, 16+ for over 2 hours, and the server was full for a few hours at the peak times, apologies if you were one of the unlucky ones that couldn't get on at any point!

The new Player Mall is now open and the stores are filling fast with players doing a fantastic job of decorating their stores, I've included a few screenshots below for  the sake of posterity:

This group shot didn't exactly go to plan.... XD

Some of the first stalls to be set up...

Free Unclaimed Loot chests are back... 

We couldn't leave out the Free Cake stall...
(and yes someone ate a piece as I was taking the screenshot!)

 stabbyelf took this screenshot of himself,  m4ttyboi7393, tatankore and... 
someone who's name we aren't sure of exploring the new market.
(if you're the fourth person and want your name added let us know!)

This one was submitted anonymously, I'm told this is captainmine3
and decbagels, looking for supplies in Marble End!

Sunday 1 September 2013

August WaterSlide Challenge - Results!

Votes have been cast and the results are in, thanks to TinkerinWithToys, stabbyelf & redkid1 for being the additional judges!

Here's the results...

1st Place: LogicalOre - The Bone Vault
2nd Place: rensdertje - Volcano Rush
3rd Place: xXMan123Xx - The Minecraft World Slide

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to everyone that entered, we'll be arranging the prize for 1st place asap!

Here's some screenshots of the winning entries...

LogicalOre - The Bone Vault (1st Place & Most Interesting Use Of Materials):


 rensdertje - Volcano Rush (2nd Place, Best Name & Most Impressive Feature):

xXMan123Xx - The Minecraft World Slide (Most Unique Build):

Treasure Hunt Rules

Some of you know these already from Easter but as a reminder and for those who have joined since:

12 Chests are hidden around Spawn Island with various goodies inside.

First person to call out the number on the sign in chat gets the contents, e.g. if the third line of the sign is DW53635 then say "DW53635" in chat to claim it.

Remember it's the first person to say the number in chat, not necessarily the person who finds the chest, that gets the contents!

Have fun and good luck!

It's our 6 Month Anniversary!

Here's a reminder of today's rough schedule;

Rough schedule:

9:30am and 9:30pm - Special hourly freebie.
9:30am and 9:30pm - 6 x random giveaways.
10:30am - 10:45am Player Mall opening.
11:00am to 12:00pm - Treasure Hunt.
3:00pm to 4:00pm - Challenge Judging.

You're seriously not going to want to miss the freebies etc, enjoy!

Marble End Inventory Reset

Unfortunately I've had to reset all Marble End inventories due to two players managing to obtain items they shouldn't have and deliberately using them, ultimately spreading them to other players, the players responsible have now been banned from Marble End.