Thursday 22 May 2014

Modpack Update

To make it easier for everyone to track the progress of the upcoming Modpack I've added the current version to the ModPack section of this site, currently 0.6.0 (beta).

The version will move to 1.0.0 when it actually launches and we expect it to be at around 0.8.0-0.9.0 by the time we open it up for testing beyond staff ranks, it is taking longer than we had hoped but we are making solid progress and with the support of the modding community have come up with new ideas that are being incorporated, blurring the lines between mods and plugins to make the server truly unique.

I have a busy couple of months coming up so progress won't be as fast as I'd like but on the bright side the more time we have for testing the less likely that bugs will make it into the final release!