Saturday 7 December 2013

Switching On Monday

The number of building save requests has dropped right off and there hasn't been a new one since early yesterday so unless someone requests more time to prepare (a VIP for example) by e-mail or /modreq by tomorrow morning I intend to go ahead with the world switch on Monday (9th December).

The switch is not as simple as just disabling one world and enabling the other, several configs will have to be updated or replaced to remove data relating to the old world and a few changes planned for the new year will be implemented early as aspects of the new spawn (designed before the world corruption) have been built around them. 
For these reasons the downtime is likely to be at least 6 hours, and could be significantly longer if any serious issues come up with the changes that didn't occur on the test server, it's unlikely but not impossible.

Downtime For World Switch:
Monday (9th December)
Time (UK):
9:00 am to 3:00 pm*

*3:00 pm is the earliest time the white-list is expected to be removed, it could be significantly later so please check here for updates before trying to connect.

Because of the type & extent of changes being made  the strict white-list will be used initially and so staff will also be unable to connect for at least a few hours.