Tuesday 2 April 2013

Protection Stones, Website Changes & Helpers

Protection Stones

Protection Stones are now limited in number by rank rather than having a limit of 4 stones for all players, the new limits are as follows:

New Builder     - 2 stones.
Member           - 4 stones.
Member+         - 6 stones.

Stones already placed will not be affected by these limits unless removed, i.e. if you are a New Builder with 3 stones placed your areas will remain protected, however if you remove one of them you will not be able to place it again until you are promoted to Member rank and your limit increases.

We feel this is a fairer system that provides an additional reward for regular players, as well as increasing the maximum area of protection available to players at Member+ rank or above.

Website Changes

The "Commands", "Security" & "Rank Info" pages have all been updated with new information and to make certain things clearer based on player feedback.


We now have 3 players at Helper rank:

crazyboy909, Go_Magic2, & zinatawehowe

We've received excellent feedback on all three and based on feedback from the Helpers themselves and other players we've decided to increase their powers.

As of now Helpers can remove dropped items en-masse to assist with machine overflows etc causing lag, teleport directly to any players 'Home' and view (but not edit) other players inventories to help gather evidence relating to griefing.

Downtime last night

There was a severe DDoS attack against another server in our rack in the data centre, they ended up having to reroute the entire rack for several hours last night / this morning.

I'm just sorting a few things out before it comes back online, which should hopefully take no longer than an hour.

I'll post an update once the server is ready to come back up!

UPDATE: 11:30 - Nearly done, just waiting for the manual backup to complete (90% done)!

UPDATE: 11:50 - Last batch of files are taking longer than expected, getting their though!

UPDATE: 12:15 - Server is back up!