Friday 30 December 2016

Jobs Have Arrived!

Jobs are now available on the server!

All jobs are available to players of Resident rank or above.

The available jobs (11 in total) are:

Woodcutter - Miner - Baker - Digger - Farmer - Hunter
Crafter - Fisherman - Weaponsmith - Brewer - Enchanter

Pay for each job has an hourly limit of $90 to start with, however they each have 32 levels you can progress through to gradually increase your limits to $152 per hour!

Things you'll want to know:
  • You can only join one job at a time.
  • If you leave a job only your current level will be saved, not progress towards the next one.
  • As well as money you'll gain points, which can be spent in the jobs shop.
  • Even after you hit the money limit you continue gaining experience towards the next level, the limit for that is around 4 times higher than for money or points.
  • Jobs have completely replaced the time based hourly payout, with possible hourly earnings now around 20-25% higher than before (plus rewards!). 

Note: To prevent cheating jobs that involve breaking blocks have penalties for placing them. 

For example: A Woodcutter getting 5 points/xp/$ per log broken will get -5 for placing logs while that job is active.


Down For Maintenance

The server is down to carry out the following maintenance:
  • Take full server backup.
  • Make & test changes relating to new Jobs plugin.
This is expected to take 1 hour, I'll update here as always.

Note: The server will be up but whitelisted for some of this time.

Update - 10:59: The server is back up and the whitelist has been removed!