Saturday 20 July 2013

Scheduled Downtime Next Week

The testing of the new TekkitRestrict is going well, so far everything works as it should apart from a couple of small bugs I found which wont affect any functionality for players, the developer is aiming to fix these in another new version which will be released in the near future.

What fixes / changes I can confirm so far is the following;

Tank Cart glitch / dupe: working as expected, item will be unbanned for all ranks.
Project Table glitch / dupe: working as expected, item will be unbanned for Member+ or above.

There's likely to be some other changes as well, but I won't give any details until we've fully tested them on the live server just in case they don't work as expected.

We'll be updating the server to the new version on Wednesday 24th July, the server will go down at around 10 am (UK) for a full backup and will be whitelisted while we test the changes, we expect the server to reopen by 1 pm if all goes to plan.

August Challenge - You Have Spoken!

We decided to let you choose the August Challenge from a selection of player submitted ideas, the voting has now closed and we have a clear winner!

So the August Challenge will be... Water Slides

I'll start working on the details and will post them here in the near future, thanks to everyone who voted, this sounds like it's going to be fun to judge!

The other ideas submitted will be reused for the poll next month along with any additional ideas submitted, if you'd like to make a suggestion just drop me an email, skype message or in game /mail if you're a high enough rank.

VIP Donations Open!

If you wish to become a VIP for this quarter then please head over to the VIP Benefits page where you'll find the PayPal links!

If you wish to pay for more than one player at once or wish to donate more than the standard amount then you can use the 'Larger Donation' button. 

Please remember that VIP places are limited to 12 and are first come first served, please be patient when it comes to setting up your VIP regions etc, I will get around to everyone as soon as I can. VIP Island will open later on today.

Update: As of 21:00 21st July - 11 / 12 VIP slots are taken.

Update: 18:00 - All existing VIP regions have now been renamed to the new naming system, so for example if your region was previously called 'diggywig-home' it is now 'home-diggywig', this won't affect any other aspect of your region.

Update: 19:00 - VIP Island has been opened, whether you are a new or renewing VIP your free items are waiting for you in your chalet!