Monday 9 January 2017

Loot Crates Updated

I've made some changes to the loot crates at spawn...

As some people had already noticed I changed the Legendary crate to be an Ender Chest.

I've also tweaked the loot based on feedback. The Common & Uncommon crates have had some slightly better items added, Anvils have moved from Legendary to Rare and the Rare crate now includes a Shulker Shell.

In addition "spin time", the time taken to get your prize, has been reduced by 60% to make it less tedious to use multiple keys (such as when you rankup).


Spawn Village

As you may have noticed I've been adding fun little features to spawn village!

At the bakery you can now sell eggs & sugar...

...and also buy everyone online a cake once per day for $20!

At the blacksmiths you can trade two old very damaged anvils 
for one brand new one, saving you a ton of iron!

If anyone has suggestions for other things they'd like to see in the village etc then drop a message by e-mail, via discord, or using in game mail.