Saturday 25 May 2013

It's here...

The new building at spawn is opening and inside is a whole new world...
Marble End!

Marble End is completely custom world created by myself and DigginChickin 
for PvP lovers and works very differently to other worlds on the server!

Based loosely on an abandoned mining / military base in the void, the original inhabitants seem to have fallen victim to some pretty nasty little critters so watch out and scavenge what you can when you can!

What's different and how it works:

Portals into the world are one way, the only way to return to the normal world is by using /home so make sure you have a home set before using the portals!

Marble End is a PvP world, looting & stealing is not only allowed but encouraged!

Staff will not intervene or replace ANY lost or stolen items!

This world has an entirely separate inventory, items cannot be transferred between worlds!

To make for fairer fights teleporting and setting home is disabled, so you can't use:
/spawn /tpa /tpahere /tpaccept /tpdeny /back /sethome

Cenotaph is disabled, your items will drop on the floor when you die (stackable items will be automatically stacked) you will NOT get a death chest like in our other worlds.

All blocks are unbreakable, the only resources available are what you can steal or scavenge from other players, buildings, bases, bunkers and supply points.

The available resources are very limited, in order to keep the PVP worthwhile the best weapons and armour you'll be able to make from what you can find is diamond, no DM, RM etc is available.

Tips And Features

Some buildings are lockable, and are good places to go to heal etc, others aren't as safe as they might seem!

Crafting tables & furnaces can only be found in HQ's & bunkers, HQ's are lockable (but the locks are also a little faulty!) and have other perks, how long can you and your friends hold an HQ for?

HQ's, supply points and the central building receive more items automatically every so often (varies between 10 & 40 minutes), another reason why holding an HQ will give you a big advantage!

This feature will be trialled for 2 weeks and will hopefully become permanent!

Something's coming...

Major new feature coming to the server this weekend...